Thursday, November 26, 2009


i m still emo as alwiz.
i cant solve d probs tat i m facing,
but can only accept it.
i dunno wat i can do thus i decided not to do anything.
i can only hope for d best.
god.. if u can hear me.. pls help me..

since my mood is so moody all the while..
i found tat i can only be cheerful when i talked to some of my frens tat i can trust.
n my mood becum better when i watched d korean drama,
yeap. i watched d BOYS OVER FLOWERs, over n over again..
but still dun get bored..
watching the cute gal n those yummy boys and also d storyline... i smiled.

i dun ask much, but i jz hope things get better pls...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


FRIENd stands foR??

ya.. tis is wat so called FREN will do..
stabbing u without ur notification..

i m sick of tis... y i will think for u but u jz nvr put me into d consideration??

sorry to be rude... but... tis time.. jz bear wit me.. WTF... wat the hell r u thinkin.. u bitch!! i fucking hate d life now.. tis is how u treat fren.. i SHALL remember...

i m reli tired..
i lose d sense of judging...
i dunno wat is fren anymore...
i fucking hate crying...
but y m i alwiz doin tat??
i wish for a shoulder...
who will be my crying shoulder?

Monday, November 9, 2009

only me

blog is dead
due to my laziness...

havin my holidays now...
but i m doin my internship as well..
so equal to no holz.

recently i m so addicted to korean drama.. hehe

i knew it is not new released.. haha.. but i jz love it...

i m so into lee min ho n kim hyun joong!!