Monday, October 26, 2009


-missing u is signing off-

Friday, October 23, 2009

- tWenTy oNe -

well.. finally i m 21 officially...
come, let's see wat I can do now..
CASINO here i cum...
i m not sum1 tat tend to gamble, but i jz wan to go in to tat place...
n tis time i wont b hearing d indian women tellin me
" bulan sepuluh baru datang lagi"
HMPH.. CHECK my IC laaaaa.. blekkkk

okie... summo wat ler?? can vote??
LOL.. i m on d fence for those political thingys..
so tis is not something ta make me feel exciting also...

21.. den i can enter zouk?
LOL.. o some clubs which d age limit??
WAKAKKAKAAA... tis is so exciting??
i can tell my mum.. 21 d la.. i can go CLUB...
but will my stubborn dad allow me to do so??

okie.. that is enough for my craziness.. 21 so?? nothing diff also.. life still goes on, exam still comin, tonnes of works n my emo-ness nvr fade...BUT being 21 jz like stepping into another chapter of my life.. somehow, somewhere, somewhen it jz indicating i m no longer a child.

tis is wat i got from my mummy as present. followin d tradition, i got a key from my mum on my bday. a pendant of key.. LOL.. i lub it.. cute n nice... but what it represents? i duno how u guys will think but for me.. is just like i got d key.. a key that shows i m alr mature enuf to b responsible on wat i m doin.. A key to unlock another diff stage of my life.. i duno where i m headin to... but i m sure it is goin to b full with challenges.. o mayb it is a key to lock up my sad past times so i could face d future with more courage n happiness??

i alwiz say i dunno when people ask me bout what i wan to be o about my future.. is time for me to change.. i hav to set a goal for myself.. i cant keep tellin every1 that i dunno... instead i reli duno lar.. hahaa... hopefully i dun lead myself to d wrong path... for some other, i might b imperfect, but who cares?? they might backstab me, they might accuse me, but i noe who i m. as long as i feel it is right, den i will jz follow what my heart asks me to do.. i duwan to b pity candle anymore... i will only care who i wan to care..
* * * *
yr 2009= yr thaT i becum adult
let's see what is memorable okie?
[only gud things i will mention]
1st time wear heel to uni on my BDAY
[ lame rig? but i almost fall down =___= ]
1st time went to GENTING with d gang
[ i doubt is there a 2nd chance ]
1st time fly kite..
[ i jz hold d string? LOL ]
1st time meet LINDA N LAMFUNG in real life...
1st time went to CLUB [april]
1st time visit to INTi
1st time travel to uni wit ktm
[n now it bcum normal.. sigh]
1st time sneaked out from house at midnite time..
[ when my parents were zZZ-ing ]
1st time watched 2 movies in a row..
[as in wit fren, i alwiz do so wit fam]
1st time COUNtdown for INdependence DAy @ s.p
[altho no fireworks]
1st time went to BERJAYA HILLS @ pahang
1st time went to fren's house @ mid9 to see d dog
1st time went INTERVIEW in fully formal attire
[on my bday summo]
1st time went to mamak till 4am in d morning..
[ n din get caught by mum.. PROUD]
1st time being called CLUBBER!!
[wu wu wu.. i went 4 times ny la]
1st time in DYING HAIR...
1st time in TRYIN CURLY HAIR which only last for 2 o 3 days??
n d most exciting 1..
1st time i saw miracle.. it appeared...
1st time score A+ in my subject.. LOL
there is still lots of 1st time.. but i lazy to type out d.. LOL....
hmmmm...altho there were alot 1st time but looking back year 2009, it is nt really a happie year for me.. ugly truth is wat i saw d most in this year.. i realised what is a realistic world.. life dun work as a scale.. it is not that u put in how much effort den u will gain bek d same amount of rewards.. BTW, tis is only applicable on human relationship!! we still hav to pay hardworks for study a.. that 1 is totally diff case k? as a crying baby, i duno cry for how many times in tis year.. tonnes of sad memories.. n sad cases.. but oh well.. another 2 more months den year 2009 will end.. ARLOW year 2010.. u better b a nice 1.. LOL...
thx to my frens that celeb my bday wit me...
err... m i nagging?? LOL... such a long post... kakaa.. thz for readin anyway..
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Live with no excuses and love with no regrets !!

wait!!! last but not least...

i still tat ss altho i m 21... hahahaa


a snapshot from flora.. thx alot..
i jz reli heartz tis pic.. LOL
perhaps bcoz i look professional??

thank you..

Hmm… finally I update my blog d. well.. 1st of all I would like to show my highest appreciation to my friends whom wrote about me for the birthday thing. THANK YOU!!

Thank to ivan yap which helped me to initiate tis task.. Although somehow, some when and somewhat he jz loves to bombard me… next time I will remember to say GUD Morning when I morning call u okie??

Big applause to ivan ong pls… lol… ya.. clap for him as he is d only one tat dare to post d retarded pic of mine to tis blog… n ya, GUD THING COMES TWICE rite? I hope u guys hav fun on readin his post… is a gud 1.. lol… dude, when ya free to come out again a?? Maybe we all can hav another ss session and by ta time u can edit nicely for us lo.. But no more retarded pose tis time k?? my market value drop d ler… =____=’ [I got ur retarded pic wit me also la.. wanna see a?]

Shawn n suzy… my 1st yr coursemates.. but they r doin biotech… hmmm… both of them are nice.. Clever n helpful.. nice to noe u guys.

Vin.. ya.. 5 yrs of friendship.. in my lil brain… d image of vin is.. He n his cap.. lol.. he jz loves to wear caps mayb? I got to noe more frens through him especially their ak group. I hope tat we gt ta chance to meet up.. bcoz I reli din get to see u for vy vy vy vy long d…. lol…

Alexander.. aka uncool guy, wakakaka… alrite la.. coolest guy in d world… among all these frens tat wrote me a post… He is not the one that knows me for d longest period, but this just doesn’t mean tat he dunno me at all… a smart guy? Yup. He taught me quite a lot things but I wonder can I ever learn it n apply it? N oh ya, I knew my smile is nice.. so u dun envy me as in u cant smile as nice as me okie?? LOL…

Ram.. a simple yet meaningful post from her.. I knew her since form six. She is reli a nice nice fren.. Thumbs up for her.. She always plan n think for us, she wouldn’t leave us when we need her help.. If there is any weakness on her, I bet that there is only one – she just dun wear dress n skirt!! N for sure make up… but who cares? Silly, I knew u r alwiz there.. not that u cant help me when I was down, is I kept myself at d corner.. No one can approach me at ta time. So dun blame urself la…

Who else ler.. lemme think think… *dang dang dang* of cos MY dearest SUSAN BABI BAbE… fist impression on her? Walao eh… y on d world she look so serious?? Dun she noe her serious face will sked me off.. a sweet yet innocent gal?? kakakakaaa… read d sentence? *repeat* SHE LOOK SO SERIOUS? Ya… LOOK only.. Actually she is not AT ALL.. ivan ong’s existence can make san babe to show her sampat n siaopo-ness to the fullest!! LOL… although she is in UM now.. FREAK!! UM LERRRR.. kinda near my place la.. but still I din get to see her after d last gathering… dear sannnn.. when la u free to visit this kelian yet ke ai de elene?? She goin to miss u till crazy d ler…. PLAN PLAN PLAN!!! Ask ivan n Darryl together okie?? Huggies

Lastly. Ivan kok… he is d 1 tat know me for the shortest period.. just got to noe him 2 months ago?? Ya.. I knew who is ivan kok even before I met him… wat to do?? Either is my antenna too high d o he jz being too famous.. u CHOOSE 1 lo.. I dun like to teach ppl la.. so I m totally not suitable to become teacher.. but LOL.. I can teach u how to snap ur picture on ur own.. which is SS.. I m willingly in doin tat… wanna b my student a?? F.O.C. lo.. him a… I dun dare to say I noe him well… but at least sometimes I can guess what he is going to say?? *clappin for myself* if u ask me, what word o anything will make me recall of him, d answer is HOT MOMMA… wakakakakakaa… n also LYCHeE… [Lychee is a dog, okie??] Maybe elene is hilarious at times, but she just hopes to make everyone beside her stay happily…

As wat u all can read in those posts, seem like there is a word that surely will pop out… EMO.. rite… call me EMO QUEEN.. er… duwan la.. I wan EMO PRINCESS.. queen normally very old n evil 1.. see my face also noe I m not rite?? So.. world…. I m well known on my EMO… my mood swing.. as fast as rocket? But no worries.. ELENE DUN BITE.. d worst she will show u a bitter face…

Thanks x 9.. to all of u.. thanks a lot..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Elene's DaY

today is Elene's day..
bcoz it is my birthday...
woohooo.. i m officially 21!!!
casino here i come~~~
hmmm... will make tis post a short 1
will update again...
nid to slp early...
got interview later...
-sedeniomrash denia -
once again
world, i m 21!!

o9.1o.o9 =/= o9.o9.o9

On this special date, o9.1o.o9 our Ms. Elene is gonna turn 21 and it’s one shot away from turning into a devil (o9.o9.o9). Anyway, we’ll find out soon. What does that says ?? Some think it’s the legal age for clubs, parties, some say you can vote and even for some, it’s time to get married. What matters most is that you’re already a grown up, it’s time be independent, time to fly on your own, time to know what you want and where to be in the next 5 or perhaps 10 years.

Seriously, when I first heard about you, it sure wasn’t a good thing. Haha ! But after all the time spent knowing each another, some things just don’t fit my first impression of you. Well, can’t say I know you too well, but it’s enough to know you. Elene is simply a girl who express whatever she feels whenever wherever.Yes, she’s simple but simple is not something negative, just different. Your honesty and simplicity makes people come around you. And you’re bad at hiding emotions and often put others before you. It’s good in a sense but bad in another. You know what? You might as well become a teacher.
“Bagaikan lilin membakar diri, menyalakan yang lain.” Lol ! But don’t forget, too much of a thing is good for nothing. Learn to pamper yourself and stand up for yourself because you are the queen of your life. You live for yourself, not for others.

There are times when the world will stumble upon you and nobody will be there for you, don’t be afraid to face it alone because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

And, here’s something especially for you.

Hope you enjoyed it. =D !

Elene is someone that will always be there for you when you needed, someone to talk to, coz I believe she’s free most of the time …. Or maybe not. Lol. Hilarious at times but also, sensitive. Right right ?? say yes please.

“If you want to say that im leng lui, I’ll also accept wan.” Okaylaa. Since it’s your birthday: Guys ! What’d you waiting for ?? St.Patrick’s day? Can’t you see the hot momma in front of you ? xD!!

Lastly, hope you’ll have a great memorable 21st birthday. Big girl edylaaa .

It’s unlikely of me to do all this. Better appreciate it. Hahaaa . Signing off ….

Ivan Kok.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

.specially just for you.

WOOHOO! Susan in the house, PEOPLE! I was thinking of how am i going to be the one that who is standout the most since Elene has asked quite a number of people to blog for her. Hence, I guess this is how I am going to be special? As in NOT to be standout just to be standout? OKay. I was being lame. To be honest, something is wrong with my university comp and line that there is no font thingy function.. Geesh *bummer*'

Okay. Enough of whining. Its time for us to put a little more attention to my beloved babe, Elene Tang EEEEEEEEEEEEE Leng! *Teehee* In case you guys still wondering who the hell is this Elene even though I guess you guys should have already know her better since there are more than 5 post on her from different person previously.

I've known this babe for more than a year. As what Ivan have stated, she used to work in PDI and I am working under SEED department. In contrast with Ivan, I am actually getting closer with this babe of mine after we have stopped working in Padini Concept Store. Weird HUH? Hahaha! I know! We are not even a hie-bye friend before that. Frankly speaking, I wasnt really like Elene at first as she looks fierce and stucked up to me. HAHA. But Hell NO, I was wrong! She is nice, sensitive, pretty and smartb even though she can be quite emo and fierce at time >.< But she will only be fierce to those who have messed with her. I was exception! Teehee

Specially just for you, Elene Tang the babe,
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to actually post something on your blog. I was totally honored by it. But I am sincerely apologize for the delay as its been a totally hectic week for me

Happy 21st birthday in advanced. Tomorrow is the day that you can embrace all the benefits of being a 21 years old bitch woman! Whee! We can go casino without afraid of being underage. We can go to club that only restricted to those who and 21 and above. Okay. I can see a lot of dudes and babes cursing me for being bad influence. Hahaha. I was just trying to contrast with what Ivan said cause it seriously does not sound like him.

Babe, thanks for being there for me all this while. Hope it will be a better year for you this year and the last thing I want is to see you emo. SO PLEASE STOP EMO! That was so last year okay? We shall look forward and just live life to the fullest. Feel free to ring me up, You know I will be there except for certain circumstances such as assignments. >.<

*psst : so sorry cause my mind is seriously blank now. totally insomniac yesterday and did not get any enough rest due to assignment*

Hope you dont mind it ya ! :)

Last but not least, Happy 21st birthday again babe *in advanced*
Love you, forever and always!
xoxo, Susan !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

- Live Like We’re Dying. -

Hey ho, why in the world are we talking bout dying when it’s bout an anniversary of a happy day ? Oh well , it’s pretty simply because living is to die , and to die is to live . Okay , I made a joke I hope it’s good. It’s metaphorically written and it’s not something literal so dun go mati just to hidup ok !

Back to the real reason of me writing on somebody elses blog, besides being a favour it is also as a form of gratitude for being by me, taking care of me profesionally and for being able to be more than a friend to me. Everyone is speaking of how they know you , what they know about you and how you have been able to affect their life in a very good way in one or another. It shows how you have been and I hope that you would be able to bring more unto each and everyone of each and everyone that lives =) !

Therefore , I wouldn’t be writing bout Elene Tang but to Elene Tang. It might just be a mediocre writing but it’s for your birthday so don’t complain this time ok! Haha :P

“ Hoist Your Sails and Catch the Wind “ !

It is meant to move on and on without the need of giving up but to continue striving for the wishes and dreams you ever wanted. Certain things are fantasized and would never be true, but the thought and gesture we have for it should be good enough to satisfy you. Being 21 years old just means that you are getting older though the freedom has been captured in your palms tightly but it also meant of being more responsible for the life ahead. Knowing that friends are always around gives you the inside understanding that you shouldn’t be afraid of being alone. So I hope that you would be strengthen emotionally and physically as you know that you could be susceptible to it at times.

Your status and pm on facebook or msn at times are always intriguing as people might think that you might be going through a rough patch though sometimes it’s just a quotation from the net or maybe your real feelings too , pretty tricky huh? But it shows that you are an interesting person and that it’d draw us to knowing you more. Besides being interesting, you are also friendly, caring, loving, joyful and you have one of a sweet smile ( * note that I never smiled as well as you do ) . So smile more often, but not to fake it because a smile should be a silhouette of a heart shape that is always bright and shiny ! So, till the next time I see you I hope you’ll be much more joyful and happy for there is only a life to live therefore live it to the fullest. Put problems aside but not to ignore it just don’t let it affect you too much so u’ll still have the right judgement to settle it in the best way.

I would want to wish you a very Happy 21st Birthday that you would enjoy it to the fullest with friends and families. May the sense of freedom reinstate the blurry visions and happiness to remove the barricades of life so that you could climb higher and higher to reach the unreachable. The title of this entry is a title to a song of Kris Allen. You should so listen to it. It says that there are only 86,400 seconds in a day so why not we tell people that we love them while the chances are there.

We never know what is going to happen tomorrow , so just so you know I appreciate you much and for this and that I love you! See you when we have the chance. Until then , be well Elene =)

Much love , Alexander Lee.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

simple but sincere

About her….

I was blank when the owner of the blog, Elene, asked me to write in her blog a few days ago. In fact, I am not good in writing and had no idea in this. We know each other three years ago when we were studying Form Six. I am not good in making new friends as I do not talk to someone that I do not know. She is the one who take the initiate step and talk to me. She is talkative as compared to my other girl-friends except another girl – v-Li. Hence, you will not feel bored when she is around. As in my memory, she liked to “hang around” as well in the school when there was no class during Form Six. And this is what I can remember until now. Haha…

I know that I am not good enough to be her friend. I cannot feel her sadness when she is sad even though we are staying at the same house. Elene, I am sorry for that particular period.

This coming Friday is your big day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY. Be happy always, my dear!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

:+: 5 years of frenship :+:

I dont have the most ideal title,I dont have the most fantastic speech to show you.But im here with a sincere heart upon a favor that i believe is worth fulfilling for.

I am here to blog about the owner of this blog ELENE Tang Ee Leng.She'll turn 21 this coming 9th October,I've known her since I was Form 3 in secondary if not mistaken.A whopping 5 years of friendship,though its not as much compared to her friends since elementary school,but its a friendship worth cherishing.

Lets begin with how we first met.Hmmm..Our initial introductions were via text messaging.That moment I remembered explicitly,I was infront of a tuition center i went towhen an unknown number called,thats when i heard her voice for the first time.

Then we started to text each other as friends and our relation grew stronger.She was very friendly and we were great friends,we would listen to each others problem and lend an ear or supply solutions.

Anyway she's a great girl to be with (if u're accustomed to her emotions) haha. The way I see it(whether its true or not) she's the type of girl u need to focus all your attention to(if not there will be consequences) and the consequences are not ur average anger(trust me,i know better)

However,I dont know if my post is adequate to fully describe this unique individual here.But its all from the bottom of my heart and before I end this blog post,I would like to wish her HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY (in advance)

May all her dreams come true

LIFE is about living with the people around you,and I am glad u are one of them.

With love,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

K.I.S.S - Keep It Short & Simple

Elene? This name is so popular who doesn’t know it?? Elene as we know today is so-called a normal girl in a normal world. Too right mate! Well to be very honest, have you ever wonder you might have something in you that make you an extra-ordinary girl?
I am not familiar with blogging so I going make this short. In the beginning it was all coincidence to meet her. The very first Elene I met was a joyous on-going teen where she usually smiles and laugh out loud at the back of the class. Most of time she can be funny until you have to choice but to laugh along with her. XD. When she at her joyous mood, she can change her conversation topic very quickly which some people describe it as randomness. One must becareful too to avoid making Elene angry. Well for one good reason, who wants to lose a good friend. The second reason is, SHE BITES! Neh kidding. Well that is all I can think of now. Hopefully it is enough.
Always stay happy my friend. Oh yea nearly forgot, wishing you a 21st birthday in advance. No present for you ya!! Haha. Take care!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

post from another oct baby!!

I’m not really good at writing this but I’ll give it a try. It was October 9 2008, I was still blur on knowing many of my soon to be friends in class. As I was sitting in class, I remember a few days back (I have forgotten when), me, Jackie, Sky, Shawn and Brian went out with you, Jocelyn and Rachel and Serena to a nearby restaurant. Oh no…I totally 4gotten what the restaurant name is…. That was the 1st time I really get to met u. I saw u as a very cheerful and outgoing person, like loving to have a company of a group of friends. I, myself was inexperience in socializing, so I never really got the chance to speak to you. Back in class, on that day, it was a Biology class, Brian came up and announced to the class that it was your birthday and we should all sing you a happy birthday. I ,along side everyone sang, I’m not sure if Ms Lai sang, but after we sang, I remember Ms Lai asking you in a jokingly manner, “So…. how OLD are you already”. You did not really answer so I answered, without Ms Lai hearing it, “younger than you lo…” and my area burst into laughter. It was the second semester; I went for my 1st karaoke with you, Sky, Rachel and nick. It was there that I witness how you enjoyed singing so must that it makes me wanna learn to sing happily. It was my first karaoke outing, so thanks for bring me along.

Your presence in facebook also when unnoticed as your post and status would normally appear everyday. Your status often shows that you are depressed, as like things around you seem to be betraying you, and people do not understand you. It made me wonder sometimes how someone I see smiling often can be in such a depressing mood. I tried to help out but perhaps, due to my inexperience in knowing how you feel, I could not do much. But I really enjoyed looking at your photos that you have posted, sometimes after logging in to facebook. I would check your profile for any new photos of you and comment it.

Year 2 of my course, the biotechs and the food sciences are now completely separated. I know I will have very little time to having fun with you and the other food science friends. For that reason, I always try to make the best of my outing things with you and also find the opportunity to spend time with you and your friends. Because I also knew, I only have two semesters left in UCSI, and will be leaving for the UK around next year September. Thus, my time with you and along with other friends in UCSI will not be long.

Finally, as I’m leaving Malaysia next year September, this could my last time celebrating your birthday with you and your friends. I hope I can make the best out of celebrating your 21st birthday. So now, I will be wishing you a happy 21st birthday and hope that you will enjoy life to the fullest.

Soo Sze Wei (the younger libra),

Friday, October 2, 2009

Is this like a mission or what? ^^

Hello blog readers,

I am kinda blur though until now because i never win any lucky draw or lottery before although i always buy -_- (shit i shouldn't tell but... )

Well well what i'm trying to mean was, i was randomly selected by Miss Aunty Elene to dedicate a very special something to her as a part of her twenty first bday =D
Like HELLO SHE'S GONNA TURN TWENTY TOOOT TOOOT ONE OKAY! (sorry elene i have to toot toot the word because this is not my blog. Must give good impression ^^)

So guys, like i said, Twenty Toot Toot One seemed to be something big right? Yeah, number also bigger than people lor. haha

Shit sorry i think i ran out of topic. Elene told me, ya the owner of this blog, she wanted me to compose her a love message story about her. haha.

But never mind la -_- Since it's her big day =D

Okay so let's see how i met this gal. Oh by the way, i forgot the best part, that is introducing myself! Haha. Hello everyone, wo de ming zhi jiao Ivan. Yeah yeah i knoe the previous blog entry also same name but i think maybe the owner of this blog have some issue with the name ivan haha.

Full name, Ivan Ong Jian Hau, 19 this year, single and AVAILABLE!!!(sorry elene you need to give me some attention now =P)

teeheehee okay okay back topic =)

Anyway, this girl, hrmmm. As i can remember, i first met her in Padini Concept Store. She was dealing with PDI and i was in SEED department. So at first glance i told myself, 'damn ini padini got no leng lui'.

But you know what? I missed out the best part, that is, ELENE! haha Then i started having lunch break with her and becoming some sort like a buddy. And like any other type of buddy friend relation, we have a lot of gossip and story to crap about. YEAH talking about turning 21 and still gossiping. lol. SO INAPPROPRIATE!

The real thing that struck my mind everytime i talk to her was, DAMN she is TOOT smart! Will she even realise that i made language error like 'yesterday i go the pasar' instead of 'yesterday i went to the market'.


I cannot deny that she really am a smart girl dedicated with her girl next door attitude plus a little humble and friendly look. (elene remember my free lunch okay for this sentence.^^) She can be so friendly sometimes that i told my friend once, SHIT you know that PDI Elene?? I think she like me leh!She keep looking at me, keep asking me questions, keep distracting my attention.(okay okay this part fake wan ok. Just to exaggerate

BUT today, you guys were totally lucky! haha Because you all gonna see some exclusive pictures only available here =D Excited?

Yes congratulations people! What you see here is really exclusive. It's rare to see this camwhore queen do things like that! haha

And people always say, good things come in two!
So here it goes again

Want more? haha. Next time okay =D

Anyway, i think i have done more damage than good now =P So it's time to hand this over to her!

Before i end this, I would really wish her a
SUPER DUPER COOL TWENTY FIRST(this time without the toot toot) BURFDAY!!!

Hoping all the best that would come knocking at her every morning, may your life be blessed and may our friendship last alright??

This is the only solo pic i had with u O_O See la how much i fu chu to post my ugly picture here just for you. lol.

Twenty one doesnt mean clubbing all night and casino all day ok :D

Signing off,
Happy 21st burfday=)

p/s:sorry if i made a mess here. haha. enjoy ur day girl!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Initiate 1st step =D

Alright, I shall be the first that initiate the plan of yours as to grant your wishes on this approaching 21st birthday.

The beginning of the establishment of friendship that we had, aint normal nor special, “sister” I shall presume. A gal full of emotion that merely resemble emoticons, emotions that change anytime and anywhere and or maybe every time and everyday? I might not have experience the changes that u made that everyone are complaining about. Might because that I’m that outgoing and silly which prevent u from transforming to another evil part of urs? =D *self-praise*

Anyway, an outstanding gal and silly for times is what I understand and experience throughout this unique friendship. Unique in terms of more than friendship but less than special. DON’T MISUNDERSTAND! Haha!!At any rate, if the particulars are exact, its good for u to prevail over and turn over a new leave, if it’s merely gobbledygook, we shall ignore it.
Anyway, a piece of warm confort advise, When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you're trudging seems all uphill, when the funds are low and the debts are high, and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit - rest if you must but don't you quit. Success is failure turned inside out. The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems afar, so stick to the fight when the hardest hits - it's when things go wrong that you must not quit!
*wont be wishing u Happy Birthday here =b
Ivan Yap,


sowieeeee... i noe it's kinda long ever since i last update... jz feel so lazy... ><

Weeeee.... it is October d!!!

ya, O-C-T-O-B-E-R.. my birthday is comin...
well... for those October babies
October Gemstone: Opal
October Birthstone Color: Multi-colored - often the predominant color is white
but i wonder y d predominant color is nt purple ler??
previously was searchin a cake pic to paste to fren's website on her bday..
n lol.. tis cake n d lil cupcakes attract me.. LOL...
but cakes are FATTENING...
OMG.. i m bein so random n crazy?
perhaps i m over excited with my upcomin birthday..
although i m havin my midterm tml n comin tues..
9 october...
i m startin to countdown... LOL....
i m goin to be 21years old tis year... hehee...
*21st gotta b a diff 1*
n i gt an idea...
can i get 9 frens
to write bout me in my blog??
1 day 1 fren
n d 9th day will b my grand day d..
will tis idea work?
i dunno.. perhapssss.