Thursday, September 23, 2010

GUdbye to misery life?

seem like my blog is dead for so long. i m jz so not in mood to update anything or perhaps my life is just too dull, so i got nothing special that i could update here..

went a short trip wit f6 frens to sepang last 2 weeks. it was nice n relaxing. how i wish i can b there alwiz...

i duno y.. but i knew for those who noe wat is goin on, for sure they will say me noob. ya. i dunno y i will go bek to d same person tat ever hurt me. i should stay far from him o as well ignore him but i jz cant make it. haiz. i knew love is better to leave broken den forcing ourselves to make it bek together. i duno. chance has been given, can i see wat i wn? nope.. i jz kip feel down.. i duno y m i giving myself hope while i noe i will b despair soon.. god.. lead me out of d misery life pls..

if i m reli important to u, u should be able show me it to me. But i cant see.. izzit bcoz i m blind? o u jz too stingy to show it to me?