Monday, June 20, 2011

the 8th month

all the while my blog posts are emo. and today i goin make a slightly difference. most of the time i complain and said u bully me, but still u never leave me.

here we are, the 8th month. I really appreciate it bcoz u bek in klang this time. all the while i care whether r u here on this special date. everytime when u cant make it i will start to whine and lead to argument. ya. i m selfish and din think much for u. i alwiz wan to get wat i wan, without thinkin for u.

as usual i m a daydreamer. and today u gave me d scane that i alwiz watch on drama. candlelight dinner. i am 23 tis year but this is d first time i had candlelight dinner, and it is wit u. hubby, reli thanks for it. I dunno wat to say but i feel damn touched. i m glad u r here in my life, altho we alwiz argue over small thing due to my ego, but i nvr mean to hurt u. If i can make a wish, i will jz hope walk till the end of my life wit ur companion.

be wit me. i love u.