Tuesday, October 12, 2010


birthday passed d.. not a very grand 1 but a special 1. not gonna to blog bout it over here. bcoz i wish to see tat in another blog. of cos i hope it is nt written by myself as well. hoping for miracle??

prayin hard. May god bless my family esp my dad. hope everything will b fine. please. *finger-cross*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

emo swing

i think u wont read this blog before my bday. so i can write at here... u ask me dun tell u wat i wan.. i nvr plan tellin u also. bcoz i knew even i tell u cant make it...

wat i wn?
i wan to b like last time.. u celeb my bday wit me in BBQ plaza..
i wan to go chilli's restaurant to hav a try...
i wan to hear u singing happy birthday song for me..
i wan to eat ice cream wit u..
i wan a nice sweet bday blog entry wit sweet pics..
i wan u by my side...

u said BBQ plaza is nt nice, chilli's is expensive, u dun eat sweet things... ur rejections.. just so mean to me..

i knew y u duwan.. bcoz u did all tis wit her... u went bbq plaza n chilli's wit her.. brought her for icecream n choc..

can i cry?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

game over?

End of semester break = Game over?

hopefully, this time i will b wrong in this guessing game..