Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's u purposely wanna get things tat u cant get

这是朋友对我说的话。 是真的吗? 我不知道, 是自己好高骛远吗?我并不贪心, 我只是想追求最好的。。。

累了, 想休息了。。 所有的不如意都挥不去,怎么办?

最后的尝试, 如果你没发现,那我就放弃了。。。
好累了, 不想再一旁继续等待, 所以我总是成为主动的那个。。。
但是我累了, 不想再主动了。。。
如果我不找你而你不会来找我, 那我算知道你的答案了

我不坚强, 我好。。。。

Friday, July 9, 2010


wat is so special bout today ler?? LOL.. 1st time i used d kitchen in my hse n complete a dish totally by my own.. haha.. actually ntg much... just tat i woke up early in d morning.. SNEAKED into d kitchen n prepared that when my mum was out for exercise...
ya.. today is her birthday.. in my mind, when i was stil a child.. mum used to cook me d "Sweet mee sua" on my birthday... but i nvr see her eating tat on her own birthday... n so i decided to cook her tat.. a simple food but way to show my appreciation to her.. lol...
as expected when she got bek, she just asked m i too free?? HMPH!! but still she finished tat.. i knew it would not taste nicer den her cooking.. but just i felt nice when i saw her eating tat... should b quite long tat she nvr eat tat on her birthday d ba? she alwiz b d 1 tat prepare everythin for us..
Mummy.... Happie birthday!! wish ya stay healthy n pretty alwiz!!
i heartz ya.. (altho i alwiz being notty in front of u)

Friday, July 2, 2010

mission impossible...

can i tranform tis to sumting tat i wanna make??

challenge mode: ON

wish tat i could make it.....

currently havin busy life.. piles of jobs all cum together... haiz.. when only i can finish it?