Saturday, September 19, 2009

to do list?

currently i m havin holz for raya.. but... i wonder is tis so called of holidays?

1. get my lab report done b4 wed... 4 lab reports on food chem.. sigh
2. edit slides for PON
3. searchin info for PON assign

few days of hols. but tonne of works.. sigh.. >.<
wish me luck.....

Monday, September 14, 2009


despite of my TOMBOY-ness o rudeness o somehow.....
a "manners" game is created by Mr. Ivan
n i'm d only participant for sure...
okie dokie...
d rule is short n simple...
the words that he din use, i cant use also
n same things go to him....
it sounds fun.. like challenging myself only.. LOL...
i dun hav much $$
so i cant lose in d game..
*jia you elene...U CAN gua*
i duwan BIG MINUS anyway.. so mz change... LOL...
so MINUS MINUS go away ya.. blek...
p/s: strive for d *ya* posing...
altho i noe it is kinda impossible to occur..
hmph.. i dun care.. still hoping it..
hope for ta best lo.. LOL
lastly n sincerely
thx ya.. kind hearted of u.. =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


ya.. i can dun listen to u one.. but y i mind? ish...
i feel so so so demotivated..... dun ask me y..

p/s: happy birthday to my sis... happy 13th bday k...

sry.. i m nt in ta mood... will update soon...

sad caseeee

i do wear baggy jeans

i do wear t-shirts

i like my slippers n also shoes...

i dun wear heels alwiz
i dun wear dress alwiz
i dun wear skirt all d while

although girlish anot is not judge by wearing dress anot.. o watsoever la.. but I WORE DRESS k???

i m girlish at times ..

i'm not tomboy..


Friday, September 11, 2009


the weird feelin came to me again..
i dunno why
but i'm feeling helpless
yet i dun dare to find out d answer..
i only noe tat...

i shouldn't but i did... -sigh-

Thursday, September 10, 2009


what is wrong wit me?
y i still feel d emptiness in me altho i m joining a big group of frens??
the minds filled with tonnes of stupid questions...
what is the meaning of my existence?
y m i here to d world?
is that any mission tat i hav to complete?
living d way i wan can make me a useful person?
being ignorant at times can help me to stay away from troubles?
i dunno...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


a special date rig?
every1 is wishing happy 09.09.09 around...
but it jz like a normal day for me..
dun reli hav any special meaning...

i think,
couples will like tis date luuu
because d number 9 brings d meaning of long lasting...
whosoever also wish their relationships can remain nice n sweet alwiz...

since today is 9th,
so 1 more month time den will b my 21st birthday
but why i dun have d feeling of expectin?

happy 09.09.09
to everyone...

-smile alwiz-

Sunday, September 6, 2009


if every 1 have d same belongings,
izzit jealousy will never exist?
if every 1 can have the same thinking,
izzit misunderstanding will disappear?

but if every1 have the same thing o belongings... or even experiences
den what v own is nt special ald.. nt unique anymore...

i duno wat m i sayin tho.. mind is so blur n cloudy now... >.<

Saturday, September 5, 2009



"經典" 這兩個字, 又怎么會只適合小女子呢? 這個稱號遠遠更適合你吧.. 試問有誰會有你這般勇氣和沖勁, 明知人家已有了男友..仍要硬插上一腳... 發揮你那無限的追女技巧, 挫敗對手更贏得美人歸... 真的是經典... 小女子望塵莫及啊....

說到轉...你舌峰上的峰回路轉遠比在下高明... 承蒙錯愛, 直到今日我才直到原來我有讓人團團轉的本事.. 我真是后知后覺啊... 可惜的是讓人團團轉的本事在您面前簡直是小巫見大巫... 你那可愛的腦袋的旋轉才讓人佩服.. 您竟能無中生有, 原來你的世界里就只有男歡女愛, 男女之間并無友情的存在!! 在下不才,建議您他日如果不幸留級事業上碰到瓶頸, 不妨考慮轉向演藝事業... 幕前幕后您兼勝任有余... 做個監制也不賴.反正你的腦袋里不是都會有那些電影情節... 白的你也能硬拗成黑的... 所謂的報復方法... 還要多多謝謝您的建議, 這個幼稚的妙計我看恐怕就只有你想得出來吧?? 還是這就是你慣用的計謀?? 真是感謝你的教導..不過本人從不會有如此這般的想法... 也做不出來..

真心祝福?? 敢問在下受得起嗎?? 心領了... 本人可不想折福折壽啊... 你自求多福吧...
本人最多也不過是重色輕友,但您最經典的還不就是重色輕友, 又或者應該說是過河拆橋?? 追她時, 就朋友前朋友后..有什么事就搖個電話要求幫忙...多人行亦無所謂..得手后連個招呼都沒有.. 如果只有我這么說, 那也許是我對你的偏見.. 但事實擺在眼前, 原來不只我一個人有這般想法.. 也許您需要自我反省一番, 又或者是我們冤枉了你? 你心里有數.. 一開始, 我到底會不會造就了一場錯誤呢? 希望他日她不會怪我..畢竟我也算是讓他們相遇的人..

還有.. 你所謂的看不順眼... 無所謂吧... 反正你的看法并不重要... 因為你對我微不足道..給你臉也是因為她, 不然你以為呢? 即使這是我的行事作風, 多口問一句: 干你何事啊? 不如多花些時間在課業上..比較實際... 八卦八卦.. 不想聽就把耳朵封起來,不然就封起旁人的嘴.. 就選其一吧....

在下多口一句... 你那可笑的自以為是和大男人主義,搞不好會讓你失去你現在的一切.. 珍惜吧.. 花無千日紅..誰知明日會不會又突然出現一個與你一樣不怕第三者名義的人來奪愛啊?

你讀再多的佛經也沒用...因為你的心不是清靜的... 只從字面上了解那意思..是沒用的... 自重吧...


Friday, September 4, 2009

no mooddddd

i reli dun understand...
why lies do exist?
white lies?? i dun think so...
even a fren also tryin to create lie.. wat the...
i m alr nt so in mood.. dun make me pissed off pls..
n u jerk.. stay away.. i dun like to talk to u now..
* * * *

where r u nw??
i noe i shouldn't..
i miss u..

Thursday, September 3, 2009


i m reli feelin so lazy n blue...
like not in mood for every single thing..
dun ask me why.... i duno eitherrrrr
mayb is bcoz i din get enuf sleep ba...
i freakin miss this small thingy!!!!
how come she can make me miss her so much??
i miss hugging n holdin her..
but no more chance d.. tsk tsk...
p/s: can d owner dun leave so i can kip on seeing her?? LOL..
[i noe it is impossible... sad sad sad]
my mind is quite cloudy nw...
but oh crap...
perhaps i did miss u... lol..
MIA is signing off!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


weeeeeeeee..... i m feelin lazy to update my blog ler...
but my hometown trip nt yet done also.. will blog bout it soon!! cross my heart for tat...

it is 3.00a.m now
n mangkuk aku... not yet sleep...
how come??
lol... becoz i get to see LYCHEE jz nw?? lol...
i miss her... >.<
[i knew it is lame.. i m jz reli hyperactive nw... lol]

hmm.. tml is d 1st day of my YR 2 1st sem..
n for goodness sake...
i PLAN n i WILL skip class tml...
i m goin off to PAHANG tml..

new sem.. new hope... new EXPERIENCE...
bless me!!