Tuesday, September 30, 2008


ya.. done wit my bio midterm today... n next week there is till another chem midterm.. so start from tml there is a few days break... the questions for today.. erm, i dunno do.. ish.. cham...

forget bout tat.. hahaha.. ya.. we do let ourselves relax after the stupid midterm.. so.. hahaha.. we planned to go ou at 1st.. who noe.. serena has her own date.. pity us la... so i thought of dwei that said wan make us smash potato lo.. hahaha... so v headed to giant to buy potatoes... n went to D's hse for tat... hahaha.. i admited that.. i jz sat there n waited to eat... hahaha... nowadays.. guy are more pro in cooking.. ok.. i admit.. i m lame wit tat.. L-A-M-E... hahaha... not bad lo.. hahaha.. was stucked in D's hse till peng came... not stucked.. actually enjoyed there.. den were discussing on where to go.. so end up v went Neway in Cheras lo.. hahaha.. yaya.. we are successfully 'kidnapped' dwei along to the ktv... as he said he duwan go 1... but till last... wakakakaka... hav a great time there... shall go again.. wakakakaka.... den bek to klang again....

ntg much to blog actually.. will update again... ^^

Friday, September 26, 2008


你常常说 我很完美
没人能取代 我给的一切
我就以为 我努力更完美
我们 就会永远
完美并不美 我们多虚伪
你让我的好 变成一种罪
完美并不美 当你爱了谁
我的完美也只是 不完美

后来你说 我太完美
值得更好的 陪在我身边
你不是我 你怎么能体会
你有 多么珍贵
完美并不美 我们多虚伪
你让我的好 变成一种罪
完美并不美 当你爱了谁
我的完美也只是 不完美

我希望你幸福 尽管你并不爱我

完美并不美 我们多虚伪
你让我的好 变成一种罪
完美并不美 当你爱了谁
我的完美成了 罪

完美并不美 我们多虚伪
你让我的好 变成一种罪
完美并不美 当你爱了谁
我的完美也只是 不完美






Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ss again~

here i come again to update to my blog~

well... i jz got my bio quiz result yesterday.... hahaa.. last min work do bring me something suprised.. wakakkaa... ya.. the quiz is 20marks where it is converted into 10% at last... so this morning we went to the notice board there to see our result.. erm erm... i got 9.5/10... wakakakaa.. damn lucky wei.. wakakaa... then there is 12 ppl tat score full mark.. hahahaa... n overall.. my ss gang.. get the result tat kinda ok too~~ yeah... cheers!!!

oh yea.. we went to "free n easy" on mon... erm, it is somehow like a cafe...grabbed for our lunch... ya.. me, rachel n dwei.. after our class.. we are not lefting
joselynn n serena behind but they were goin home after tat so they cant make it..chill.. we can go again lo...

yaya... actually i was d 1 tat start to write thing on the wall.. i wrote SS n Dwei only.. as for us.. he is SS leader so sure nid to put his name there.. den he added on myname n also rachel's name n another 2 'S' there... hahaha.. so it is like end up to be... Super Super Syok Sendiri... tat 1 not for us ya... only for leader.. blek!!

den when i saw those SSSS... i tot of SASSA... ahaa.. so v added the A inside.. n it changes from ss to sassa... yaya... v r sassa student.. for those tat dunno wat is sassa... read my previous blog... so this is d pic~~n.. we went to dwei's hse yesterday after we finished our lecture at 11 something.. we went for lunch 1st den his home.. erm.. actually v 4 are jz being lazy to stay in library o bek to our own hse as v feel tat is bored n far.. hahaha.. so d final decision is.. we all cabut to d's hse.. as his hse is nearest lo.. ahahhaa.. he is kind.. as he willingly to let us go his hse while waiting for d lab session.. in the living room.. there is a mirror.. hahaa.. guess la wat ss gang will do when see mirror?? ntg special also.. v jz posing in front that lo.. even though r goin late d.. n end up.. v reli late for lab session.. *paiseh* nvm la... next time wont d k??

~ ss time ~

weird rite?? y there is more n more ppl tat appear in d pics... from 2 to 4.. but dun hav my single photo?? sob.. bcoz when i wan to ss.. serena say wan joined.. ok lo.. den took wit her.. den rachel joined in... n den joselynn joined in too.. end up.. i din ss alone le... hahaha... but mr D din join us wo.. shy? o he prefer ss alone?? hahaha... anything will do~~

k la.. will update again soon.. n now i wan study my coming quiz n midterm.. god bless me o.. n u guys there.. wish me gud luck ya!! yala.. wan study earlier... den later tonite i can go pasar mlm to get my mango ice.. wakakakaka...

p/s: san.. update me... o find me lo.. long time din hear from u d... miss u le...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st time

woohoo... went to greenbox today wit mum n siblings.. yaya.. is d 1st time i went ktv wit my mummy... we went for the 11am 1 lo... erm.. seem like quite alot of family went to ktv on weekend wo.. enter the room no.9 ... againz... zzzz... i like alwiz go in d same room.. mayb 9 is my lucky number?? hahaha.. who noe??
ya~ erm.. i choose some old songs.. for my mum.. hahahaa... ok la.. i knew to sing too la.. hahaha... cant choose those new songs le.. she dun reli noe also.. but weird wo... she noe to sing d jay's song.. not bad not bad.. although she din get to sing the whole song la.. my bro... weird.. alwiz sing in d hse when he baths.. but so quiet inside d room.. ish.. sis le... she dun even sing any song on her own.. cheh cheh... but overall is still ok la... hahaa...
oh yeah.. d session suppose to end at 2pm.. but we still manage to sing till 2.40pm.. yet they din stop us for choosing song.. still can sing wo.. but.. due to d tiredness.. v left also la.. untung a?? not reli la.. it is counted as untung if i go wit my gang la.. as we sure sing there n ss-ing de...
erm...i prefer to go ktv wit my frens rather den wit my family.. it is more fun.. but not bad la.. at least i noe my mum can sing now.. ahhahaa.. nid find time to ask gang out for KTV d lo..

btw, i do bek to klang every week.. n every time i come back i got lots of thing to tell my mum... bout my course, my daily life, my coursemates n so on... ya.. u all may think i m a kiddy.. since wateva also tell mummy.. but i feel it is ok lo.. although my mum nvr meet my coursemate n hsemate but she knew who they are when i mention d names.. so whenever i out wit any1, i jz say d name den she will noe.. isn't tat better than let her think i go out wit a stranger??
ooo... to xhik, dwei, n kok kian... my mum say u all gud eh.. noe to cook.. not like her daughter wo... >.<' but i m innocent wei.. not i duwan cook.. i wanted to learn.. but SOMEONE duwan teach eh.. he say SAFETY first wo.. he duwan his kitchen get burned.. ish.. look down on me la now.. xuan xuan xuan.. duwan learn ma duwan lo.. i wont starve also... blek~~

will update soon.. n now byeeeeee.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

1sT ouTinG wIth CouRseMatEs...

how come???
how can it be??
omg... i left my blog for so long ya... nvm... now i ma update abit lo.. hahaha.. ya.. i bek to klang now.. as today is thursday nite... i sure bek to my hse after my lab thing.. er, not to say vy bz.. but i seem like not having any post when i was in cheras.. hahaha... mayb i m too free when bek to klang gua~~
ooo... just had my quiz today.. erm.. i dunno do wei.. ish... should study b4 tis but not lepak in pasar mlm for tat long.. *regreting* oh ya.. i dun hav the habit of taking a short nap in cheras.. i dunno why.. i think is i cant fall asleep as it is reli vy hot.. but.. amazingly.. tat day i fall asleep when i read my bio notes.. cham... btw, wednesday is d day tat i hav no class.. normally i'll spend the time playing games and sleeps late at nite.. but last nite i feel tired b slept earlier.. see la.. tat is d outcome for facing those stupid notes!! but wat to do?? n now i free from it.. bu ti m having my chem quiz next week.. but.. hahaha.. tat is MCQ... i can try to guess d answer in case i duno do..
ooo.. i goin to post some backdated outing n posts.. sry ya.. i reli too lazy to blog on tat day~~
date: 16/9/08
rachel, joselynn, serena, dwei n me
i hav been started my course for few weeks, n i m getting closer to few of the coursemates.. so do tag along wit dem.. hahaha.. we went to MV after our chem experiment.. erm.. serena drove us there n we did spend some time on finding parking.. actually at first we planned to go get the jacket.. as if u all read my last blog.. u all will noe i m complaining bout the stupid a/c... yalo.. what make us feel goin MV to get a jacket le?? ooo.. bcoz dwei got his new ajcket there n so v feel not bad ma.. but v end up din buy also.. hahaha... was lepak here n there for awhile.. den we went to play bowling.. erm.. not we.. 4 of dem played.. n i jz sat there.. i admited.. i dunno play la.. i duwan show i m noob in that la.. hahaha... den only we all knew.. dwei used to represent his sch for tat wo.. salute!! n he is d winner for d game.. hahaha.. n i like to see they way he throw his bowling out... chun! i enjoyed d time wit dem.. although it is short... hahaha... den after tat we went bek to cheras d... sigh.. tak jadi to go to the CCS thing.. no 1 wan go wit me.. all dump me n duwan accompany me to go tat.. sad case!!
n here goes few pics for d day...

the results for the 2 games.. erm.. 160... i wonder can i ever get tat lo.. see... dwei bz sms when other ppl playing.. sigh...

n let me intro my coursemates...

she is my roomate n also coursemate.. hahaha... knew her from form 6.. so somehow we are like ji mui de... wakakaka.....

actually she used to b my junior in secondary sch.. but dunno her tat time.. so jz get to noe her.. she is some sort of cute person.. nice to mix wit...

a cute gal tat u wont regret to noe.. hav a nice smile... hahaha... she is sum1 tat nice to mix wit~~

hahaha.. a bro tat come from sarawak.. n thx him for tellin me wat animals i can see in sarawak.. i wont 4get.. a kind person.. as.. he dun mind let us disturb him from his nap... sum1 to sai nai to.. hahaha.... blek... but i dunno y he look serious if dun smile... smile more la...

n tis is my blog rite?? last but not missed...
mE.... ya.. I m posing WHEN they playing d bowling.. wakakaka....

p/s: 5 of us are SS members.. hahaa... ss stands for syok sendiri lo... hahaha... n who is d leader le?? gentleman 1st?? wakakaka....

there is still some other pics we took in lab.. but i still din get them from serena.. will update afterwards... hahahaha...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


yaya, i hav been left my blog for a quite long time.. but wat to do?? i m jz getting bz with my studies now.. n i was stucked to d slow n stupid connection sometimes.. so i m lazy n cant update tat frequent d ma..

erm.. i think tis will b a long post as i din update quite long d... start from my study life?? okie.. hectic? kinda la.. as i hav been stay free for 10 months la.. n sud i got bek to study again.. i feel vy vy hard to wake up early in d morning la... den since mine is short sem.. so my lecturer had been remind us on how fast the lesson will go on from d 1st class.. yeap.. she said tat v hav to cover wat other study for 14 weeks in 7 weeks time.. so v r learning in double speed... >.<' tat can kill my brain cells.. so.. every week i hav to carry out 4 labs.. den my quiz is coming soon.. n so follow by my midterm n final.. haix.. n.. i cant concentrate on my lecture la.. bcoz.. d room is FREAKING COLD... gotta freeze there... ish....
den i got nice housemate... yaya.. get to noe more frens.. n they are all music student.. so nice.. sometimes they do jamming in d hse.. got electronic guitar, violin n also keyboard... they can compose song as well.. not bad!! n we all will hav dinner together on wednesday.. as we walk to giant to buy ingredients n cook for dinner.. den we will go to pasar mlm lo.. hahaha...

ya~~ i bek to klang every week.. so i dun reli hav d severe homesick... btw.. i think i m d only exception.. as other getting slimmer when study but i like become fatter d.. sob~~

oh yea.. i found tat... erm.. my form 6 chemistry teacher is reli pro in laboratory work.. much more den my tutor tat in charge of lab now.. n.. the classmates.. OMG.. they dun even noe to use pipette filler... i wonder.. will i get mad if i same group as dem???

ntg much to blog.. tml is mooncake festival d.. happt mooncake festival~~