Friday, October 31, 2008


Oooh, Whoa, Whoa, Ooh, Ooh, Whoa, Whoa
I hung up the phone tonight
Something happened for the first time
Deep inside it was a rush, what a rush
Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way
About me
It's just too much, just too much

Why do I keep running from the truth
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this thing could go
Am I crazy or falling in love
Is it real or just another crush
Do you catch your breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way I do
Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush aint going away, going away

Has it ever crossed your mind
When were hangin, spending time girl,
Are we just friends
Is there more, is there more
See it's a chance we've gotta take
Cause I believe that we can make this into
Something that will last, last forever, And Ever

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this thing can go
Am I crazy or falling in love
Is it real or just another crush
Do you catch your breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way I do
Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush aint going away, going away

Why do I keep running from the truth
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this thing can go
Am I crazy or falling in love
Is it real or just another crush
Do you catch your breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way I do
Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush aint going away
This crush aint going away
Going away
Going away
Going away
Going away
Going away

Sunday, October 26, 2008


ya.. continued from the backdated post~~

the last paper was on 22nd oct.. n it ended at 5.30pm.. so again i b bulb to join my frens out.. i duwan b bulb, but... pity me.. went to the jusco.. balakong1? i not sure.. i jz knew tat day was JCARD day.. n saw alot ppl there... oo... den way bek to cheras after had dinner... den i was left alone at home lo.. as in i dun go b bulb d.. hahaha... created a new record tat day.. i din sleep whole nite lo.. den went to mcd for mcd breakfast wit rays, jackie n also brian.. we all din sleep for whole nite~~ [salute!!] den went for badminton ard 9am.. ya.. thurs morning...

venue: MPH in angkasa condo
laipeng, jeffrey, rachel, elene, jackie
ya.. WEIRD.. they played badminton.. ok la.. i m d lousiest among dem.. i duno play.. as i anti sport.. but.. THEY ALL bullied me tat day.. kononnya teach me.. let i ran here n there.. sobz... freaking tired.. n sweat alot tat day la.. i gotta dehydrated gua.. i think.. i had used up my 1 yr stamina on tat day.. hahaha... in between, sky do join us for awhile.. n they played ping pong.. erm.. okie.. i duno tat also.. i admit.. i m noob in every sport.. i CLAIMED again.. E-V-E-R-Y!! but overall.. tat day was kinda fun.. hahaha... jackie n jeffrey are ok in tat.. ok? hahaha.. for me is pro la.. jaajaja... den u guys shall noe d consequences rig? ya... 5 of us... feel tired after tat... hahaha.. n pain for sure!! summo.. jackie n me.. din sleep whole nite.. yet he so semangat in tat.. siao~~ i think v enjoyed that?? mayb.. hahaha... den bek to klang afterward... due to the tiredness n no more energy.. i hit my bed at 8 something..i tot i edi counted sleep earlier d.. who noe there is sum1 slept earlier den me... hahaha... i dun like sport bcoz i dunno.. but i like to join, een jz b a spectator there.. bcoz.. i jz love hang out wit my frens.. sat there n looked at dem will b fun too!!

bekdated posts

okie.. i think.. i got influenced by san babe d... since when i start to hav d habit of posting backdated posts? LOL... after i knew her i think?? *wink wink* i m not blaming lo.. is jz i learned from her..wakakaka...okie.. wat i wanna post... i glanced thru my phone... tried to think bek according the pics.. hahaa.. okie.. it seems like.. i din post anything after my bday.. okok...

erm.. since i m taking the short sem, so i had my final on 21 and 22 of october lo.. den now i m officially free d.. hahaha.. 2 months holiday.. is long enuf for me to rot in hse!!! my last class was on 14 of october but we still bek to carry our lab on 16th october lo.. so last session... for sure.. hahaha.. v did camwhore again!!! posing in b lab after d lab session~~

group photo wit our 'cute' lab tech

oh yea... so basically v all are ss members... all of us took photo rig.. but not fair le.. y i tak pasal pasal to b known as SS club president?? aiyo.. i din take part tat frequent le... DWEI, dun u try throw d position to me lo!!! i duwan~~~ i say... I DUWAN!!!!!!!

although i bek to klang on thurs but again i went to cheras wit joselynn on fri jz to pass up our lab report... OMG!! last min job.. ya.. is my fault lo.. n thx to d dude-jackie tat help us complete the last question.. hahaha... so here is some ss pics tat i took in car.. yaya.. i took d pic when joselynn drove.. poser!! can pose when drive summo~~~

oo... n again.. i wanna STRESS that.. i m not ss leader.. bcoz.. another 2 cuties are way much ss den me.. see!!

so.. my short sem end d.. erm.. knew quite a bunch of new frens.. nice to noe dem.. hahhaa.. all of dem are nice n caring~~ hahaa.. joselynn, serena n dwei that will alwiz ss together, fahad tat alwiz cool but kind.. shawn tat come out wit wise advise sometimes.. but all d time.. nid to prevent he trick us.. hahaha.. sky tat alwiz joke wit us.. nicky, onion that play ard wit us.. brian that can joke ard too.. n d banana, jackie... that help me to settle my report.. he is kind and caring.. hahaha.. since he n sky will help me to tapao mango ice for me due to my laziness to walk.. wakakaka.. n also sent me d medicine.. haha.. thx.. but he is d 1 tat seducing me to eat ice cream together le.. so blame on him for my sick!! NICE TO NOE U ALL~~~

erm.. do i look alike wit my mum?? hahaha...

n last but not missed...
the latest me...

Saturday, October 25, 2008



yaya.. i jz done my 1st sem for my yr 1... is a short sem.. so it is only 7 weeks lo... time FLIES... so i now having my holiday again... swt... is a long long break... a 2 months holiday.. wat i goin to do?
din reli update my blog last few weeks.. bcoz STRESS.... my final.. STUDIED at last min.. so end up cant online n blogging.. but stille nd up duno do.. stupid la.. d questions so hard... i m not att smart.. i duwan take supplementary paper la.. >.<
today is just 2nd day i bek to klang.. but i miss my life in cheras.. miss frens there... swt... my heart like not stayin at my home... how come??

will update soon~~

Monday, October 13, 2008



刚刚看了朋友的 blog…
情, 让人欲罢不能…

* * * *
在 <西游记> 里,
因私恋嫦娥, 罪犯天条

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *
在错的时间遇上错的人, 是一场荒谬
在错的时间遇上对的人, 是一声叹息
在对的时间遇上错的人, 是一段心伤
在对的时间遇上对的人, 是一生幸福

:+: 紫雁:+:


* * * *
* * * *

:+: 紫雁:+:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

enjoyin life...

Seem like I havin prob in updating my blog.. wakaka.. I m getting lazier lo.. n waiting for those pics.. Erm.. last week is a week that filled wit fun n joy.. erm, seem like I only stay in my room after 12am.. hahaha… I went out every night le.. wakakaka…
let us start from
basically I went out for dinner with Xhik, Kok Kian, Hooi Ching and Lai Peng… den play d poker in our house lo… ya… v din bet but jz play for fun… den went to “Fun OK” to hav a drink till 12 something… hahaha… din take any photo lo.. as I m not tat SS compared to SUSAN n BENARD… wakakakaa…
as u all can see in my previous blog.. went to “Free & Easy” with course mates at lunch time.. n having fun there… den at nite, as the planning, I hav a date to go to ‘LookOut Point’ in Hulu Langat with Benard n Susan lo..n it was benard’s birthday~~ but at last Xhik, Kok Kian and Laipeng tag along also to there… nice wei… we din get lost wo.. Basically me n susan are idiot in recognizing roads and direction.. ooo, Rachel din joined us as she jz went there d day b4… sobz… at 1st I tot the scene may b awkward as they all duno each other but I m wrong. TOTALLY WRONG!! Libra n gemini are reli compatible wei.. hahaha… when 4 of the Libra stuck together, all become SS!! Typical SS member… wakakaka.. n d pity laipeng hav to adapt to us and camwhore together.. and xhik come out with some cold jokes n there was mist at d nite..
the drinks n also my banana split.. haha.. benard paid for tat... wakakakaka...
dun snap me pls... i not yet well prepare le... sob! i m still waiting for my food~~

ss time...

me n xhik...

huh... y xhik has such emotion???

normal ss....

hahaha... wat pose m i n susan doin la... ahahhaa....

tis is a small accident tat happened when v near d menara.. scary wei.. yaya.. me n san planned to block xhik when he try to pose.. but i duno wat the heck happen n susan n me fall down.. i fall o i jz wan to get her up.. i 4get d.... reli... hahaha...

actually we dun expect xhik to appear in tis pic.. but he jz sud pop out....
err, these pics.. i also duno how to group dem... hahaha...

they 3 reli ss... see....
dun view it if u r under 18!!!!!

KL view...
-all these pics look like got white spots rig.. erm... is myst.. not anything ok??-
sigh.. cant reli take a clear pic on the view of kl for tat nite… hahahaa… I like d scene there… kinda cold there… wakaka… wil go there again if got chance… and well… tat nite I only went to sleep at 2am.. I m seriously cant sleep early huh?? Hahahhaa… I duno.. But wat torturing me is… my class starts at 8am.. WTH!! Y must start the class so freaking early??
Among 7 days in a week, I m waiting for every Wednesday.. as in I m desperate to get my MANGO ICE in pasar malam.. wakakaka.. I will go there every week if there is no rain.. hahaha… went to pasar mlm wit Laipeng n Rachel n met up wit Sky afterward… walked so far jz for the mango ice.. when I was enjoying my favorite mango ice, got d phone call from jason… so he came and find me… ooo… he came to giv me my birthday present!! Woohoo.. he is the first 1 to give me my bday present… *appreciate* feel pity on him actually.. his hse is in kepong and he went to sunway pyramid in d morning to get me d present.. n came to cheras… n hav to stuck in traffic jam.. pity!! Ooo.. the present huh?? Ya.. is a doll.. a monkey doll.. opps.. I dun think he mean I look like monkey.. although the monkey doll is kinda cute.. hahaha.. since is a monkey.. so I named it as “KIKI”… weird??? No.. it is normal in my hse.. As Rachel got a doggie doll and we called tat “bobby” while xhik has a penguin doll where he called it “guin guin”…. So, in conclusion xhik is the 1 tat inspired us to name d doll.. wakakaka…

so tis is d pic for my doll 'KiKi'

my doll VS rachel's doll (bobby @bobbie- i not sure....) n also laipeng...

Jason say he is not free on the next day so he wanto celeb earlier for me… at first v tot go yumcha only de.. who noe himself say at first he planned go ktv but he jz worried I can’t get up the next morning for the class.. dun care.. I jz told him ON.. ahhaa.. so v back to my hse jz to change our clothes and went to NEWAY ktv tat next to Leisure Mall… who joined us?? Hahaha… Rachel n laipeng for sure, I wil nvr miss they 2.. Jason for sure, den kok kian, xhik, sky and shino lo.. last not but not missed.. ME!! Went there around 10pm.. n we were busy to grab for food.. wakakaka… ya, we entered Room NO.9.. 9 wo.. my birth date le.. wakakakaa… the session supposed to b until 2.30am.. but we only left at 4am.. as tat is their closing time… way bek to my hse… only slept at 5am.. so end up me n Rachel skipped d morning class n only went in at 10am.
yalo... the pic for me n jason... he look so fair.. ish... dun he go under d sun huh??? ish...
next time duwn take wit him d la.. sobx....

Hahaha… n thx to brian.. Regarding on his braveness, he went asked the whole class to co-operate to sing me a birthday song.. kinda awkward but i appreciate that… went to dwei’s hse after class… yaya.. had our lunch there.. mcd… wakakaka… thx for Rachel, joselynn, nicky, dwei, serena, Jackie, shawn, sze wei, sky for d cake… erm.. do I left any1 out?? I forget who d… sry ya.. overall.. thx for every 1 tat send me wishes.. reli thx… ^^
cakes from secret recipe... thx joselynn n serena tat went to buy tat.. muackz...
yesterday i was vy vy bored in the hse so i start to ss again...

but i found tat it is quite bored to ss alone so i hav been ss wit my kiki...
so here are the pics..
n also... my bday present from xhik... erm.. call it 'pipi' ?? o any better suggestion on d name huh??

fuhh... finally finished my blog... damn alot pics!! ^^