Friday, June 25, 2010


today i just got an email from Nuffnang, the content is:
This is to inform you that banners for a Durex campaign will be running on your blog from 28th June onwards. The ad campaign has sexual health related content and may be offensive to some. Your blog was selected based on the age and blog content filters in our system.

well, for me i m ok wit it.. how bout u all?? if u all feel it might be offensive to u when u view my blog.. mayb u can pm me.. so i will deactivate it for u.. =)

update soon...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

need or want?

i m being so lazy and busy lately... so my blog is so dead... haix

this semester reli is a hectic sem.. i feel tired n tensed up.. but no1 is here for me... i dun reli askin much, jz hope tat there is sum1 b there for me.. listen to me when i m down.. but seem like no1 is doin so... sigh..

havin 3 midterm tis week.. which is killin me.. i reli cant make it..

things alwiz change.... why m i so stupid to think everythin wil remain d same? everythin is changing... i m d only 1 tat dunno only.. sienz...

If u need me but duwan me, that is when I'll stay.
However, if u wan me but no longer need me, that's when I'll leave.
but how if u duwan n dunit me at all? ADIOS BERAMBUS me...