Monday, January 12, 2009


i m not lady like?
ya.. i m not.. i duno from when n why... i jz knew.. i reli having more guy frens den gal frens.. n for sure i get to hang out wit guy frens more except spend time wit my gang... yea, i m not lady like.. n i think.. my guy frens alwiz say i m sporting... sporting? n now end up sum1 sayin i m not lady like.. i dunno.. i dunno y tat word stuck in my mind.. isn't tat i should say who cares?? y i mind tat sentence tat much?

resolution of this yr is to b more lady like??? m i goin to change? but if i change d den i m not d gal tat u noe at beginning d....i duno... jz.. i knew.... i m reli nt in mood.....

is it bcoz i m nt lady like, den only he take me as dude?

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