Saturday, May 21, 2011

No again

this time he nt only reject me but ice cream as well. if he reli dun fancy of icecream den please dun let me see the pictures of the past.

I would only feel down to noe that u can tolerate wit her even u dun like, but reject me when i asked. and yet still wanna tell me that u wont eat icecream wit any1 anymore. u noe wat u mean by ur sentence? it sounds like only she can make u change n try d icecream even u dun like it. but u wont do the same for me.

u alwiz think i wan u do exactly the same wat u did to her. it is not wat u did, is the heart. Just dun make me feel u used to sacrifice alot for the past but u refused to be for now. ya. i m regret. to read the blog. i shud have not read it so i wont noe how sweet u two were. n how much u did for her.

which gal dun like ice cream? y u can be considerate and join her but ask me to find gal frens to go eat tat? u can reject but why u nid to make it sound like she is d special one for u so u would try but can turn me down directly? cant u gimme some dignity?

guessed that this scene just would nvr happen for me. not even in dream. how sweet when a couple can take a pic like tis. n u tell me wat? BF that would acc gf for ice cream and eat that tgt is not sissy, but they are man. just a bite will do. is the joyness of sharing. who dun like to share their fav thing wit the loved one? how am i goin to share since u just seem like dislike my fav thing?

u alwiz say i m demandin and never get enough. but u nvr und how much i will giv away jz for u. u dun like icecream? fine, i can stop it too. but can u just dun make me feel u will only try for her? Alot things i dun like but still i try to accept. that is d diff btw us, i dun like anythin bout u o ur hobby i will try to accept, but if u dun like den u will only give me A BIG NO.

u cant ctrl ur ego den u expect i can ctrl mine? i m arrogant n ego too. how can u expect i throw mine away whenever u kip reject me? i have to take rejection yet noe i m ntg to make u to tolerate wit me.

sorry my dear icecream. Seem like i have to cut down my addiction to u. I knew u r d best thing for me whenever i feel emo o stressed. but i hope more on sharing the same thing wit him. so when i am wit him, den i nid folo his taste. so i think i cant order that when out wit him. since he dun like n i dun think i like to sit thr n eat alone while lookin at him. how nice it would be if he can join me.

ya.. Elene.. NO MORE ICE CREAM for u.

for u, u alwiz think i wanna replace her. i jz wan u wipe her off. u did too much for her, n i would feel i am ntg. i nt imitating her either. i just reli like icecream. so u think wat? i followed her den u would do d same. HOLYCRAP. i just duwan u make her special in ur mind o heart. i will jealous.

it is not never enuf. i saw wat u did n i felt touched too. but why after i feel touched u wanna say smtg tat would make me feel things still d same? why after all still make me feel i cant beat the past?

alwiz i choose to fight, but d outcome is d same. I will be the 1 changing n giv up on wat i wan. I wish i m nt naive oso. den i can be realistic n practical. Did u ever see my effort den?

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