Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just to make it clear
To you my dear
it’s been a year
she’s all i fear
She has made my life
Miserable and despair
I’ve been waiting
for the right time to disembark
leaving behind memories
that hurts every thought
leaving away something
that wasnt worth bought
she made me felt
the agony of love
she made me felt
like fighting cocks rather a pair of dove
the more she feared
the more she lose
and thus she lost sekaligus
baby you..
cannot replace her
because she’s not worth that much
once i overlooked all her negativities
in the name of love
but at last i gave up
and realized i’m not that tough
but just as u appeared
everyone thought
that you were the one
who destroyed this love
but no one knows
that i already planned to leave
just like a timed departure
it’s just that the train arrived earlier

for everytime i read this. i feel d ache.
but did u care?

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