Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ss again~

here i come again to update to my blog~

well... i jz got my bio quiz result yesterday.... hahaa.. last min work do bring me something suprised.. wakakkaa... ya.. the quiz is 20marks where it is converted into 10% at last... so this morning we went to the notice board there to see our result.. erm erm... i got 9.5/10... wakakakaa.. damn lucky wei.. wakakaa... then there is 12 ppl tat score full mark.. hahahaa... n overall.. my ss gang.. get the result tat kinda ok too~~ yeah... cheers!!!

oh yea.. we went to "free n easy" on mon... erm, it is somehow like a cafe...grabbed for our lunch... ya.. me, rachel n dwei.. after our class.. we are not lefting
joselynn n serena behind but they were goin home after tat so they cant make it..chill.. we can go again lo...

yaya... actually i was d 1 tat start to write thing on the wall.. i wrote SS n Dwei only.. as for us.. he is SS leader so sure nid to put his name there.. den he added on myname n also rachel's name n another 2 'S' there... hahaha.. so it is like end up to be... Super Super Syok Sendiri... tat 1 not for us ya... only for leader.. blek!!

den when i saw those SSSS... i tot of SASSA... ahaa.. so v added the A inside.. n it changes from ss to sassa... yaya... v r sassa student.. for those tat dunno wat is sassa... read my previous blog... so this is d pic~~n.. we went to dwei's hse yesterday after we finished our lecture at 11 something.. we went for lunch 1st den his home.. erm.. actually v 4 are jz being lazy to stay in library o bek to our own hse as v feel tat is bored n far.. hahaha.. so d final decision is.. we all cabut to d's hse.. as his hse is nearest lo.. ahahhaa.. he is kind.. as he willingly to let us go his hse while waiting for d lab session.. in the living room.. there is a mirror.. hahaa.. guess la wat ss gang will do when see mirror?? ntg special also.. v jz posing in front that lo.. even though r goin late d.. n end up.. v reli late for lab session.. *paiseh* nvm la... next time wont d k??

~ ss time ~

weird rite?? y there is more n more ppl tat appear in d pics... from 2 to 4.. but dun hav my single photo?? sob.. bcoz when i wan to ss.. serena say wan joined.. ok lo.. den took wit her.. den rachel joined in... n den joselynn joined in too.. end up.. i din ss alone le... hahaha... but mr D din join us wo.. shy? o he prefer ss alone?? hahaha... anything will do~~

k la.. will update again soon.. n now i wan study my coming quiz n midterm.. god bless me o.. n u guys there.. wish me gud luck ya!! yala.. wan study earlier... den later tonite i can go pasar mlm to get my mango ice.. wakakakaka...

p/s: san.. update me... o find me lo.. long time din hear from u d... miss u le...

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