Saturday, July 26, 2008

pc fair is coming... do any1 feel like goin?? i wonder y i feel goin.. do i plan to get anything? go there n stuck in d crowd?? weiiiiiiiii... any1 volunteer to go tat wit me a?? i hate alone wei.. tsk tsk tsk....

it has been a long time tat i quit my nite crawler's life... i din go out for yumcha at nite d but stuck in front pc to watch drama... but yest was an exception... joined aik to mamak wit soo n jian... jz a call from aik, den made d decision within 1 min.. after 5 mins den i edi on his car.. efficient le... wakakaka.... aik le... UM student le.. once he ask sure i nod head de.. actually.. i quite admire myself de.. d way i giv instruction to him on how to come my hse....hahaha.. i think i m gud in tat.. as any1 tat nvr come my hse b4 can reach my hse within few mins... is tat i giving nice instruction o reli vy easy to find my hse o?? *i prefer d 1st*
went to asoka.. jian n soo were there d... erm.. there was alot ppl in mamak.. sure la.. friday nite eh... start to crap... reli nice to hav u all.. erm.. yaya... ppl out there... if any of u like to engage on phone.. o call ppl alwiz... den can consider d package tat soo mentioned.. go wo... he said... call for 45mins to any network only cost RM 0.99!!! hahaha... seem like preety save $$ wo... hav no idea on tat... i dun reli call ppl everyday~~

den jian cabut around 12am lo.. left aik,soo n me... den we headed to MCD... haaha.. sial la.. go for fastfood...wakakkaaa... den met ying kiat there... weird eh... pump petrol at 1am.. i mean he said he out from hse to pump petrol den wan go bek t hse d... huh?? i dun think i will drive my car out from my hse at 1am to petrol station n pump petrol... will u? den we doubt where he came from.. n he jz said.. i reli out from my hse... is it?? who care?? lolx... as long i noe i wont do tat can d.. awake from sleep den drive car out to pumo petrol at MIDNITE... swt sial la..

i told aik it is better to throw me bek to home by 12am as i workin on d next day.. end up i reached home by 1 something... den online n hav a lil chat... saw ivan... swt.. he said he go tapao mcd jz now.. y i dun see him??? hahaha... seem like we all hav d weird habit lo.. all goin for fastfood during midnite..wakakaka... ivan.. any outing pls inform me earlier k?? if not i will ffk as u did....wakakaka...den i hit my bed around 2am lo... end up freaking sleepy in office now, so come2blog.. wakakaka... i think i look like panda now... any1 wan take pic wit me?? panda is under protected eh... wakakaka..i think i got another outing today!! hahaha.. i jz duwan rot in hse!!

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