Friday, October 23, 2009

- tWenTy oNe -

well.. finally i m 21 officially...
come, let's see wat I can do now..
CASINO here i cum...
i m not sum1 tat tend to gamble, but i jz wan to go in to tat place...
n tis time i wont b hearing d indian women tellin me
" bulan sepuluh baru datang lagi"
HMPH.. CHECK my IC laaaaa.. blekkkk

okie... summo wat ler?? can vote??
LOL.. i m on d fence for those political thingys..
so tis is not something ta make me feel exciting also...

21.. den i can enter zouk?
LOL.. o some clubs which d age limit??
WAKAKKAKAAA... tis is so exciting??
i can tell my mum.. 21 d la.. i can go CLUB...
but will my stubborn dad allow me to do so??

okie.. that is enough for my craziness.. 21 so?? nothing diff also.. life still goes on, exam still comin, tonnes of works n my emo-ness nvr fade...BUT being 21 jz like stepping into another chapter of my life.. somehow, somewhere, somewhen it jz indicating i m no longer a child.

tis is wat i got from my mummy as present. followin d tradition, i got a key from my mum on my bday. a pendant of key.. LOL.. i lub it.. cute n nice... but what it represents? i duno how u guys will think but for me.. is just like i got d key.. a key that shows i m alr mature enuf to b responsible on wat i m doin.. A key to unlock another diff stage of my life.. i duno where i m headin to... but i m sure it is goin to b full with challenges.. o mayb it is a key to lock up my sad past times so i could face d future with more courage n happiness??

i alwiz say i dunno when people ask me bout what i wan to be o about my future.. is time for me to change.. i hav to set a goal for myself.. i cant keep tellin every1 that i dunno... instead i reli duno lar.. hahaa... hopefully i dun lead myself to d wrong path... for some other, i might b imperfect, but who cares?? they might backstab me, they might accuse me, but i noe who i m. as long as i feel it is right, den i will jz follow what my heart asks me to do.. i duwan to b pity candle anymore... i will only care who i wan to care..
* * * *
yr 2009= yr thaT i becum adult
let's see what is memorable okie?
[only gud things i will mention]
1st time wear heel to uni on my BDAY
[ lame rig? but i almost fall down =___= ]
1st time went to GENTING with d gang
[ i doubt is there a 2nd chance ]
1st time fly kite..
[ i jz hold d string? LOL ]
1st time meet LINDA N LAMFUNG in real life...
1st time went to CLUB [april]
1st time visit to INTi
1st time travel to uni wit ktm
[n now it bcum normal.. sigh]
1st time sneaked out from house at midnite time..
[ when my parents were zZZ-ing ]
1st time watched 2 movies in a row..
[as in wit fren, i alwiz do so wit fam]
1st time COUNtdown for INdependence DAy @ s.p
[altho no fireworks]
1st time went to BERJAYA HILLS @ pahang
1st time went to fren's house @ mid9 to see d dog
1st time went INTERVIEW in fully formal attire
[on my bday summo]
1st time went to mamak till 4am in d morning..
[ n din get caught by mum.. PROUD]
1st time being called CLUBBER!!
[wu wu wu.. i went 4 times ny la]
1st time in DYING HAIR...
1st time in TRYIN CURLY HAIR which only last for 2 o 3 days??
n d most exciting 1..
1st time i saw miracle.. it appeared...
1st time score A+ in my subject.. LOL
there is still lots of 1st time.. but i lazy to type out d.. LOL....
hmmmm...altho there were alot 1st time but looking back year 2009, it is nt really a happie year for me.. ugly truth is wat i saw d most in this year.. i realised what is a realistic world.. life dun work as a scale.. it is not that u put in how much effort den u will gain bek d same amount of rewards.. BTW, tis is only applicable on human relationship!! we still hav to pay hardworks for study a.. that 1 is totally diff case k? as a crying baby, i duno cry for how many times in tis year.. tonnes of sad memories.. n sad cases.. but oh well.. another 2 more months den year 2009 will end.. ARLOW year 2010.. u better b a nice 1.. LOL...
thx to my frens that celeb my bday wit me...
err... m i nagging?? LOL... such a long post... kakaa.. thz for readin anyway..
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Live with no excuses and love with no regrets !!

wait!!! last but not least...

i still tat ss altho i m 21... hahahaa

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Silver xP said...

many 1st time neh~~ jealous jor~~