Tuesday, June 3, 2008


sorry guys n gals.. dun read tis blog if u all dun like see other scolding fault words... dun read if u all reli dun like... as i wan lose my temper in d following paragraph d... sry for being rude..

biTch!! wat the heck.. i reli cant blif there is such a bitch in d world.. i pray.. pray hard tat u fall down.. u nvr go to school?? no moral lessons??i think sure tat u not paying attention.. so ur education level is low... n cant work in office.. i nvr see such a lousy gal like u.. u damn insult gals~~ u r such a chEAP stUfF.. is it ur SUGAR DADDY cant satisfy u? so u went n flirt around?? do u think how old r u?? if u dun hav $$ u can tell me, i will kindly donate some $$ to u to let u go buy a mirror... get wat i mean?? but.. i wan to salute u, bcoz i was amazed wit u.. u r damn pro in acting innocent.. u r d 1 wrong but u can accuse other for tat... will ur parents proud of u?? cheap~ u think how ur SUGAR dADDY will react if he noe u r such a bitchy gal?? erm.. o u alwi z act innocent n naive in front him?? so envy tat u can get such an idiot guy as ur sugar daddy... mind teaching me?? but better dun.. bcoz i blif my parants will kill themselves if they hav a daughter like u.. so stay far from me.. i even feel d air is polluted when u r around.. mask.. nid to wear mask when u r there.. n.. seem like u r a HIV carrier too.. as u so cheap right?

for sure.. i will laugh out loud if i ever see u in crying mode... but i will wonder is it u r acting again.. n i will hav a party to celeb if u ever fall into d drain.. *oMg.. i m evil..*

sry for being rude~

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