Tuesday, June 10, 2008

to Sum1-sorrY

i think i m cruel..
i think i m harsh..
i think i m selfish..
this is human being.. selfish n only will think for their own. n i m 1 of dem...

i said.. i m NOT WORTHY for u to do anything. I reli duwan involve in any realtionship now.. i wan peace for my life.. i was tired with tat.. so pls leave me alone.. dun force me to face tat k? i m coward.. i will choose to avoid n run away from the fact.. pls dun force me to behave liddat.. i reli duwan cant b fren..

i dunno y... is bcoz of d past? o wat had happened? i reli dun feel to talk bout d L-O-V-E now.. i will appreciate friendship more... i duwan noe anything tat more den tat.. i will assume i nvr noe.. tat reli stress me out.. pls.. dun.. i reli enjoy now.. can hang out wit frens den ok d.. i duwan talk bout tat in short... pls... if u step 1 stap further, den i will move bakwards for 2 steps.. dun let i choose to ignore u..

sry for being selfish... v jz stay as fren k? thx..

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