Monday, June 9, 2008


actually i was kinda tired today.. but i still do hang out wit shen hau,shen chieh, eseong n hong cze.. gosh~~ i m d only gal!!! but dun think tat i got special advantages.. no service also de eh... hahahhaa... went to jeth coffee hse... hahaha.. surf net... i do bring laptop there.. but i din use lo.. i was so hardworking there... do d essay wit sc.. i mean i gav him idea.. after graduate for form 6.. i din use my brain.. essay.. summo is pa.. swt.. i reli afraid tat wei... squeeze my brain so so so hard only i can thinkof it.. sry la.. i long time din touch book wei.. d brain like karat d.. how??

erm.. ask for d poker card n v PLAYED blackjack.. wakakaka.. i damn damn gud luck wei~~~ so i get free drink.. thx d handsome n cute hc~~ but wat bomb me is sc lo.. go yumcha also bring homework.. he is reli guai kia.. *salute* make i feel guilty...
actually there is nothing much to blog about... jz wan to say hav a nice time wit u all.. ^^

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