Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last thurs nite, I went out wit aboy n klung… went to claim my baskin robbin from aboy~~ hahaha.. thx aboy… it is reli nice.. well.. I chose d flavour of the month “Green Apple Refreshmint” . but I m gud gal.. because I duwan aboy spent much on tat so I jz choose d 1 scoop 1.. junior 1 eh… see.. how kind I m.. *wInk* [actually I was too full d time.. I jz finished my dinner.. y dun u tell earlier u wan buy me tat?? If I knew den I wont eat my dinner but waiting for u.. wakakaka.] after ate tat, we went to aeon.. see they two queue up n buy the movie tickets for PROM NIGHT.. din get to join dem bcoz it is a midnite movie n I hav to work the next day wei~~ ish.. but the next day, lung told me d show was so so only.. so.. shall think twice b4 I decide I wan to watch tat… Saturday was public holiday.. went out wit my gang.. to old jusco… walked here n there n bought something… n I ate baskin robbin again.. again d same flavour… wakakka… managed to get a present for haur.. his party is on next sat.. hope he will like it… n wat let I feel get bomb is.. v came back to aeon bkt tinggi to watch movie… hahahhaa.. kononnya d price of petrol increase hor?? Yet we waste it…hahahhaa… watched the Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull…. Any comment? Erm.. it is still ok.. some of the scenes quite funny… but I hate ants~~ ish… had our lunch in KINSAHI before watched the movie.. ate ramen… hahahaha.. 4 of us n spent rm 90 on tat.. erm.. expensive?? Who care.. once in a time.. lepak again in aeon after the movie ended… but reli get bored wit tat so went back to home around 6pm.. den go out yumcha at nite wit hau they all.. ntg much on it..

Today I went cut my hair… actually.. is just cut d fringe lo.. tat called fringe?? Dunno.. just front part of my hair lo.. mum nagged again.. say wat for cut so little? OMG~~ she dun ever put hope tat I will cut my hair short… I wont!!! which 1 better??

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