Thursday, June 5, 2008

well... read tis from susan's blog... n get to noe some secret... hahaa.. dun ask me.. i cant tell wei.. :X .... tis is wat d analysis about...

when a girl said "i'm okay",
she is actually NOT OKAY
and probably is keeping all sort of problem in her heart.
and is waiting to let it out..
[well.. i agreed on this.. sometimes gals are jz not to pro to show their real emotions, but GUYS.. if u all are sensitive n caring enough... u all can sense tat the gal is different from other time.. be patient.. listen to dem.. when d gal is down.. she dunit any sweet word.. but jz a GOOD listener... n after listen to her problems.. pls.. dun go tell every1.. tat is annoying!!]
when a girl said "please leave me alone",
she's actually wants YOU to be with her
and NOT leaving her all alone crying..
wants YOU to listens to her,comforts her,and awww...
DONT ever leave a girl alone!
no matter how tough she is,
there's still a girly side of her.
and she needs people to lean on and cry!!
[once again.. i want to say i agree.. yaya... no matter how tough d gal is.. she is a GAL.. got her weak side too.. kindly borrow ur shoulder to her.. pat her head gently.. let her cry out loud.. let her released all her sadness.. dun leave dem alone.. they are not mean tat when they ask u to.. when she is sad, she nid companinon.. so.. stay there for her.. she will appreciate it... ]
i agreed wit tis.. n can u ever und?? i m tat type of gal.. i alwiz ask u leave me alone when i emo n when v quarrel.. but i not mean it.. i nid u beside me.. but u nvr noe..

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