Sunday, June 15, 2008


erm.. today had a gathering wit my std 6 teacher n ex classmates lo..we had lunch.. n it was like.. erm.. d dishes for wedding dinner.. is it too grant?? swt.. teacher is getting older while v r growing up.. but v do still appreciate to our beloved teacher.. will tis b the last gathering for us as v goin uni soon.. all splited here n there...

ok.. i admit.. i purposely hide behind him to show my face is smaller... me n devin~~

he so tall de?? v nvr pakat to wear blk shirts..gagaga...

me n chin yi (p/s: i look sleepy...ish)
after d gathering.. spend half of my day to sleep... bcoz reli feel no mood n tired.. see d "colourful" medicine tat on my table.. swt!! i hate la... next time i duwan simply try tat d la... i think.. i do hav to take care on myself d.. my health like getting weaker.. haiz... i was wonder.. will i die soon?? ish.. i can keep sneezing n coughing.. n i saw there is blood on the tissue. {not alot la.. jz some.. a lil spot} DUN THINK IT WAS BLOODY LA... jz a lil TINY sPOTS lo...reli... i was so shocked when i saw it.. omG.. i not goin die now rite?? but mum say i will b ok after i rest more.. will i?? i dunno~~

to sum1 tat i felt sorry to... i dunno wat make u feel u got chance.. but... i reli dun wish mention att in short... thz... n.. p/s: u say u hate smoker, dun u smoke?? swt~~

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