Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sTupID cOnnEctIOn

thx for d stupid connection, i din upload anything for 2 days.. swt.. n i feel i cant survive without INTERNET.. gosh~

din reli do anything tis 2 days... din go out.. but to9 i m goin out wit my gang... goin to gather awhile b4 the result come out lo... i afraid for tml.. swt.. i was more nervous when d stpm result coming out..

:+: IF an ANGEL and a DEVIL were to fall in love :+:
Can their love transcend the laws of heaven n hell??
Can the ANGEL set her wings on fire?
CAn the DEVIL soar at daylight??
tis is fate's decree
LOVE cant change wat isn't meant to be


tualang3 said...


I see that you are singing a happy song. Good. Be happy and the world sings with u.

eLeNe said...

n tat is NOT HAPPY SONG... i think if u dunno den dun say better... the song is emo n sad.. nvr b happy.. i dunit whole world wit me.. i jz nid d specific sum1 den enuf