Tuesday, May 20, 2008


well.. since i had been moody from the morning.. now there is finally something tat distract me from tat... F-O-O-D... just out of a sudden.. i feel i wan eat alot things la...

kk.. let me list out wat i wan eat k??
  1. suShi... [i asked from yesterday but no1 wan go wit me.. *iSh*]
  2. yu yu iCe [got fried chicken summo~~ ]
  3. MCd [suddenly so miss d days i worked in pCS.. where i can wat mcd alwiz n easily...]
  4. PIzzA.. [i vy long din eat d la.. hawaiian chicken flavour..garlic bread n my yummy mushroom soup...]
  5. western food.. [chicken chop la.. i wan eat~~]
  6. cheese baked rice o noodles... [i m crazy over cheese]
  7. spaghetti.. [miss tat..]
  8. steamboat.. [alamak.. last 3 weekend i also eating tis.. but y i dun feel fed up de a??]
  9. baskin robbin ice cream [aboy still owe me ya.. must pay back]
  10. erm.. d last a... i kinda miss d mee hun ke eh.. long tiome din eat d... ish ish ish~~

see... now my mind is all full wit food.. how can b?? yest only my mum said i fatter d.. i dun blif so i went on d weighing scale.. OMG~~ my weight increased d.. 1kg.. i jz told my mum i wan diet den... but see la now.. all food.. evil... seducing me... ish... **geramnya** but nvm la.. put d diet plan aside lo.. as u all noe.. now china gto alot victims eh.. they wan eat also no food to let dem eat lo.. den v summo say wan diet here.. isn't tat sound sarcastic to dem.. so.. i terminate d plan first.. continue tat later.. hahaha... can eat den jz go ahead~~ susan babe..wan tag along???

eAt eAt eAt~~~ yes!

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