Friday, May 30, 2008

tarot? to believe or not??

well.. this morning i was kinda free so i logged in to my facebook.. n i went to play the tarot.. but through d game.. u cant choose to ask bout career o wateva.. d tarot only for love.. so ma simply chose a card... tis is wat got...

審判 - 復活 (正位)

together wit tat card, i got the definition of tis card too.. but.. it is in chinese for sure.. i jz simply brief it in english so my susan babe can und.. since she is a banana tat alwiz claim she is pure chinese...wakakaka...
d card meaning, tis is a judgement..on d last day of judgement, d dead people will alive again.. [ghost a? die d can alive de??], n d judgement will take place.. (i dun get d meaning.. ish..), who care?? i jz wan noe d love luck ma..
so for love, during tis period, u all find d way to love each other through d mistakes u all did. u will be together back wit ur ex lover. for those who still single.. u all will get bless n there will b a miracle.. n u all gotta to get extremely GUD LUCK...
er.. together wit ex again?? i tot suppose b no turning back de?? n... din say clearly which ex also.. who noe la?? n to blif anot?? i dunno.. but i like to play tis.. hahaha.. chill~~

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