Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I jz tot of having a happy day.. bu i was emo from d morning.. 11.06am.. i feel damn moody.. d sky was grey.. i mean in my mind lo.. i cant see d sky from my office also...wat the... saw tis pic from my fren's log.. so i "steal" tat.. sry.. but i like tat...

i think fot those tat dunno chinese esp my susan babe.. sure din get d meaning rite?? well.. i translate to u...

"heartbroken -

i choose to leave..it is not bcoz i dun love u anymore..

choose to leave..it is not bcoz i dun care u anymore

it is jz bcoz.... d heart is broken

i nid to b [alone] to heal my pain"

emo right??ermm i gotta leave for my work.. continue my blog later..c ya~

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