Wednesday, May 14, 2008


well.. i can b counted as a newbie here.. bcoz b4 tis i used to blog in friendster n livespace.. y would i change to here?? no reason.. jz for fun~~

life is still so so.. everyday repeat d same routine n make i feel bored to tat.. out of a sud~~ i wish my university life can start earlier.. i duwan to stay at home anymore.. missed my school life.. miss giggling wit frens while teacher is teaching~~ *gosh,life damn bored!!*

luckily i got bunch of frens tat can hang out together~~ my sch gang.. n also those frens tat i get to noe after i worked in PCS.. especially susan..
well.. last sat manage to go out wit susan, ivan n darryl.. where happy, hau n his fren join us later... erm.. went to shabu shabu in bkt tinggi.. i jz simply suggest n they went for tat.. OMG~~ i went out wit a bunch of 'sua-ku'... ivan, susan n darryl.. u all are so so so cute~~

susan n darryl... tomyam kononnya~~ din put all d ingredients edi start to eat =.=' got taste meh??

ivan~~ dun complain bout my set.. n.. urs are pork slice la.. not chicken~~ pls~~eat d also dunno meh????

ivan n susan has alr posted d pic.. so i dun plan doin tat also lo..wan den go view their blog lo.. anyway.. out wit u all are fun~

* * * *

i wonder, love o being loved also suffer.. wat i wan is a vy simple thing.. y i cant get it?? i dun like argue.. as tat make me emo.. but y v alwiz argue? my fault? i nvr feel i wrong~
v.. how r u? i cant hide d fact i still care u.. i miss u..n tis make i guilty toward c... wat the heck~~ i dunno la...
i duwan argue.. duwan sad, duwan tears..can??
if cant den let me stay away of love... it is not fun at all~~ *NOT FUN*
mayb we sould leave d love broken rather than hurting ourselves to put it back.. y hav to force ourselves to change? y?

mayb wat mum say is correct.. find 1 tat compatible wit u will b easier to communicate.. no gap.. den i should do wise decision now??

*god pls save me k?*

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