Monday, May 26, 2008

bored monday~

i seriously dun like monday..
it was like forcing myself to get up n go to work..
pity me >.<''
my mind was reli blur.. blank.. i dunno wat i wan.. dun ask me wat i wan.. dun ask me figure tat k?? i reli dunno wat i i m such indesicive rite now... stupiak, i noe i gotta put d blame on who.. jz stop to ask me make choice dn can d.. pls??
i tot time can make ppl forget but not reli.. kinda long din c d stupiak d. but still miss him like hell.. *bAng WaLL...*
y i so useless de?? i noe y la.. i nid something o sum1 to distract me but there is no.. so only i so free go think bout tat.. ish.. cis!!!
tat is wat i nid now...

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