Tuesday, May 20, 2008


well.. let starts from sunday~~ early in d morning i woke up n got prepare to back to my hometown.. *yawn* i was kinda sleepy.. due to d am-tuiness n caused i cant sleep well~ so i continued sleep in d car.. well.. since my dad decided to hav breakfast in nilai.. so i got up after nap for 20 minutes.. erm,, went n ate dimsum.. yucks.. i dun like there... not nice la~~den continued my journey... but din reli able sleep well too.. so i jz sat in d car n looked at ntg lo... simply take my phone n snap pic lo..

alot trees... =.='

see d sign??
den.. managed to reach johor safely around 12pm lo... once reached there.. v go tapau d coffee...

see.... d coffee lo... tis is mine...

but... whose leg is there la... ish~~

den.. v went my aunt's hse to enjoy d coffee while waiting to hav lunch lo... den v played wit d pet dog "wawa"... haha.. "wawa" tried to drink d coffee... it seems like she likes tat... kakkaaa....den went for lunch lo..after lunch.. i became tutor n babysitter pula...hav to teach my 2 young cousins.. ish...

see... posing when he knew i wan take pic~~ alamak.. tell his mum he is not concentrate...

my cute little princess...

n see... after he finished his tuition homework~~
actually.. trip to johor vy bored.. so v skip it away k?

* * * * * * * *

today... i joined my gang again lo.. to watch narnia... erm.. bout d show... i shall not describe much..so u guys will spend rm 10 to noe the storyline.. go go go!!!! but i spend rm 11 bcoz we bought couple seats.. 4 gals.. lol~~ but it is freaking cold there.... too bad no ppl wan to giv me a warm hug..haix... we watched the 4.45pm show.. so after tat.. we went for dinner.. eat wat???? steamboat lo~~

ivan.... i only pay rm 13 for tis.. is it better than d shabu shabu??

er.. back to home den i online.. chat wit my susan babe till now. 1.25am... told her wat is the matter tat make me am tui.. den she say i alwiz wasted... wat the.. make i feel more am tui only~~ but wat to do?? i missed it.. blame tat stupid + cute fella tat make i feel so la.. haix...

i saw u today.. i passed by the mamak... i saw u laughing n talking.. r u reli happy?? i dunno y.. but i feel u r acting there...pls forget me if i gotta make u suffer.. jz dun act happy.. it is much more hurt than jz cry out... acting to smile instead of crying is kinda torturing~ i jz choose d way tat u wan.. jz choose wat is d best for us.. pls live happily..

i dunno i feel wat now?? am tui?? emo?? dunno... *bAnG wALL*

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