Sunday, May 18, 2008

am tUi-InG

now is 2.31 am.. i supposed go to bed at tis time.. but now i m updating my latest blog... ish... i feel damn am tui la.... damn damn damn~~~ wat the... @#@$#@$%#$@%$#@%@#$%$^%$^#$^%#$@%$#@%$@# (sry if i m too rude)
y i feel tat?? well.. i think.. for my frens.. only ivan n rachel gotta noe tat~~ so ivan n rachel~~ i reli feel damn am tui~~ RELI... y now only let i noe tat la.. dun he noe tat time cant turn to d past d???? no point telling me ma..make i feel depressed over it~~ stupid~~ *U R SUCH A BIG STUPID FELLA* ... shouldn't tell me.. haix....
(rachel n u 2 dun go spread out eh.. i will kill u 2 for tat k??)
erm.. time can nvr go back.. so v must look forward... jz.. am tui-ing la... wasted... next time shall b more brave n determined enuf to do something~~ i will

* * * * * * * * *
well.. today spent some time on d photoscape~~ hahaa... edit for fren n also myself...

~me n my GAnG~
^glad to noe u all... with u all.. i noe wat is joy.. take care alwiz~~muakzz^

~mY f6 FrEn~

~pRooF of bEinG a BiO sTuDenT~
*cant see clear rite... erm.. is dissecting mice lo.. see from my frenster cmt will b clearer.. i mean if u all reli interested to see it k.. *

today... i wont say emowannabe.. bcoz i m am tui-ing..>am-tui wanna b< ??? sry lo.. my eng is bahasa rojak d... jz... i reli am tui bcoz tat... ish.. cant sleep den i sure blame on him~~~ so forgiv me for my broken english~~


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