Friday, May 23, 2008


today is Friday..
once n once i start to feel working is DaMMMnnn boring...
but if i stop now.. den i gotta stay at home without doin anything,
tat gotta b more bored..
well.. tml is 24 of may.. my bro's bday.. although i kinda dislike him, alwiz got argue wit him.. i wonder is it v 2 cant stay peace for 1 day?? in my mind, d most also v can stay peacefuly for few hours only.. soon v gotta argue n again again repeat d routine.. wat the~~
but tis yr he is in f5.. i wonder wat kind of result he going Get for his SPM.. alwiz play truant.. see la.. i bet tat he cant get more than 3as, if he can.. i will do wateva he asks..not to say i look down on him but even my mum also k? mum say if he can score 5as den goin giv him rm1k wo... swt!! i get 9as ta time she din even giv me a cent!!! so i asking mum for tat.. who noe my mum said.. "aiyo.. u think ur bRo can get meh? dun fail den ok lo.. i noe he cant get only i say those reward de.." =.=" my mum was so 'cute'..
till last... happy bday la stupid bro.. grow up.. dun argue wit me.. faster go get ur license n b my driver.. FAST!!!!!! if u refuse to take me.. well.. i goin to pray.. to curse.. u fail ur driving test...muahahahha... [i'm evil..]
i hav been adapted to d life without u.. kinda diff.. no ppl tat will sms me 24 hours non-stop anymore.. but i think i get more freedom?? dunno how to describe.. but i can decide all that on my own.. no longer hav to ask u can i do so n so on.. i wont look back.. nvr.. dun dwell in d past.. i look forward for future~
yaya.. bought a new skirt.. later shall go try..
i mean, i bought tat without trying.. dumb rite??
nvm lo.. later after i get home i will try ..
if not nice i will take it n exchange lo....
if it is ok.. den
i goin buy a new shoe for tat..
skirt should match wit high heel..
i goin buy high heel?? lol...
i wont buy high high 1 lo..
wont same as susan..
i wont buy from vincci..hahaha...
but my skirt is somehow pink*purple colour..
my heel should b wat colour??
my whole body cells are activated again..
:+:jz for sHoPPinG:+:
mayb this weekend shall go out for tat... hahaa...
i still can go shopping to buy other clothes... ahahahha...
gals born to shop??? hahaha...

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