Saturday, May 17, 2008

yesterday can nvr b~

well.. i shall b workin in this time.. but again.. i "snake" to post my blog.. erm.. firstly i wan say thx to d babi ivan~~ he reli yeng.. bcoz help me customise my page lo.. hahaha...

erm.. yesterday was a moody day... n also teacher's day.. so early in d morning i get a small bouquet of flower n go to my teacaher- Mrs.teh's hse.. wanna giv her a suprise..

tis is tat small bouquet of flower...

i reli like tat flower... hahaha... well.. intro abit bout my teacher k?? she is my standard 5 n 6 teacher.. my class teacher.. she used to vy care me.. a gud teacher for me.. n till now.. we still keep in contact~~ n she alr retired last yr.. but i still feel giving her some flower as appreciation~~den i ask my mum out earlier n went to teacher's hse.. SUPRISE~~ i edi start imagine teacher's reaction.. but wat the.. reached teacher's hse n no1 was there.. i was like...wat d @@@##$#$#$@$.... so i phoned go d conversation:

me: morning...teacher... where are u??

teacher: huh? i was outside.. in coffee shop.. having breakfast wit fren..anything?

me: (feel am tui n get bomb~~) oh.. den ntg la.. teacher.. jz.. i outside ur hse now ma... =.='

teacher: oh.. is it? anything?

me: ntg lo.. jz wan pass teacher something ma... nvm lo.. i left it in ur hse lo.. d gate din lock rite?

teacher: ya.. thx ya..

den i hang up n placed tat flower in teacher's i left in a no mood look.. wat the suprise la.. y go out for breakfast ta time?? wait for me ma~~ wateva****so i went for work n...teacher called me... say thx upon d beautiful flower...see.. i noe my taste is nice..kakakaka... (bhb again~ ss taught me to b tis)

so d emo thing is.. everything end.. all passed now.. is he choose to giv up tat easy.. not me.. jz.. i cant und.. tis is so called coward o ur self protect? jz a lil bit challenge den u giv up? ur reaction let i hav no faith in u.. so i think end also better de... u wont stress n so i feel released~~~ no worry.. i will b strong.. those tat doesn't kill me gotta make me strong~~lalalala....

well.. finally saw ivan online at nite.. asking for his help to edit my blog... thz ivan again.. he reli did a great job n let i amazed wit tat photoscape...okie dokie.. i jz downloaded it jz now.. so i goin spend my weekend on tat.. learn n edit dozens of pic.. hahahaa....
nice rite?? ya.. i admit ivan's editting skill not bad la.. but nid2 see whose pic is it ma... hahaha.. OMG~~~ i gotta b sampat again.. keep bhb~~ish~~ who care.. i m who i m.. i m proud of myself~~
*i M looKinG ForwArD my UNiveRsItY LiFe*

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