Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i nid some1 beside me now
to listen to me now..
to accompany me now..
i wan to go seaside now
i wan to shout as loud as i can now
to release my emo now
i wan to b alone now
because i wan to wipe my tears now
duwan any1 to see i m crying now
[i m so indecisive, i hope sum1 next to me now to comfort me. but i duwan any1 to see my weak side.. oh god~ ]
*bAng WaLL*
i miss the time i can cry in mummy's hug.. but now i am goin to b 20.. cant b liddat.. duwan make mummy worry n get nag from her.. so i can only endure all these on my own.. but i aint tat strong.. i nid to rely on otherS too.. i wan to go back to my childhood can?? there is no sadness.. i wont hav to think everything on my own... mum, i duwan to grow up.. can i?

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