Saturday, May 24, 2008

happy day?

Ooo… today din get to blog in office because I was kinda busy.. one of d colleagues went for holiday..she went Langkawi.. so I hav to take over her job… pity me.. nvm.. as long as she rmb getting em come choc den I will b ok de…kakakaka….

I went jusco wit my mum after I worked.. since my bro n sis had their own programme… so I “lepak” in jj wit my mum.. bring her walk here n there… den I went to PCS to get my cheque… saw pcs workers in t shirt… any sales tat goin on?? I feel miss the time I worked there.. Well.. waited for Kenneth.. n followed him go in d office to get my cheque.. is a just a RM 60 cheque.. I went twice for tat… wat the… after signed tat.. dumb Kenneth said “eh.. u better dun go counter la.. u show d face like tat.. cause my sales to drop only eh..” I was like @.@ I feel scolding wat the… d sales figure not related to tat k?? summo.. I din show any face eh.. I looked normal.. I swear~~~

Hahaha… today is my brother’s bday… n he supposed b d 1tat get present rite?? But I m d 1 get new watch.. wakakkakakaa…. Was window-shopping wit mum.. showed her d odm.. n she said not nice… den saw d casio.. den till last I showed her d Esprit watch tat I saw wit my fren d day.. she said nice…. So… hahahaa… I asked mum can I buy tat… she said she not goin pay for tat… well.. tat mean on my own expenses.. I reli like tat.. summo is purple colour inside de eh… erm.. to b o not to b… rm 399 wit 10% discount…consider for few second.. ok.. I took it… ahahhaa.. so I got new watch… den went home.. hahahaha….

my new watch~~
Well… I told my mum I wont simply buy thing again.. as I bought new handphone, notebook, watch, those clothes… I spent a lot d.. mum.. I will try to control… hahaha…
Thx mum… I love u~~

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